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People of Color

Enhanced Potential Holdings

A 21st Century Mental Health Gym
Investment type:
(Regulation CF)
Target raise:
 - $107,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Apr 01, 2020
David McCullar is the founder and creator of three wellness business enterprises:Neuro Fitness CenterInception-Farmington HillsEnhanced PotentialIn 2006, David's personal journey began with addressing symptoms of anxiety which led him to neurofeedback (brain training) as an alternative to traditional prescription medication. His own success with brain training and the desire to help others led him to establish Neuro Fitness Center in 2006 in Southfield, Michigan and in 2016 another Neuro Fitness Center office in Ann Arbor, Michigan.In the later part of 2016, David re-envisioned Neuro Fitness Center into the Inception-Farmington Hills, in Farmington Hills, Michigan, a distinguished 3,500 square-foot facility with several researched-based modalities that provide a synergistic approach to help reduce stress-related symptoms.Our Mission is to help individuals overcome past, present, physical and emotional limitations to enhance potential and triumph in the game of life.The uniqueness of Inception-Farmington Hills, Michigan is that it is a "21st Century Mental Health Gym" with the philosophy of combining several different stress relief modalities under one roof. Inception-Farmington Hills also provides the brick and mortar proven model and foundation for creating the other businesses enterprises that will be operated under Enhanced Potential.
Our Story

New Inception Facility and Headquarters (2019)For the past decade, downtown Detroit has witnessed a rebirth through private detroit-downtown.jpg sector investments, including an expected $150 million commitment from JP Morgan Chase by 2019. In addition, at least twelve additional new projects are expected to be completed by 2023. Because of this revitalization, thousands of newcomers will work and live in Detroit.Thus, this is an opportune time to build another start-of-the-art Inception Facility and headquarters in downtown Detroit to address the stress levels of the growing population in that area. This facility will feature our unique combination of advanced technologies and modalities to combat stressful work and lifestyles.