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Empowerment Brand LLC

Howanda: "This funding helps a business owner continue to promote prevention healing and awareness through the art of journals."
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Mar 17, 2023
Hi, I’m Howanda and as I break down the business aspect of my story it really is all in one. My children's books are to bring prevention and awareness. Yes, Touch No Touch teaches about appropriate touches and the right to your own body. Children's Book of Short Prayers is a tool to promote a personal relationship with the Most High outside of religion and parents. It lets children know that everyday thoughts can be turned into prayers for any situation. I created the first journals with thoughts of creating something that provokes you to write with the method used in the guided journals to promote healing. I created a journal for the youngest kid possible. That journal is From Baby to Amazing. That way we can make journaling a lifestyle where the youngest kid possible can get their feelings out on a daily basis. The special part about the stages of the journals it offers the opportunity for us to go back to heal our inner child. It starts from Baby to Amazing, from Boy to Man From Girl to Woman, From Woman to Women, From Man to Man then from Glory to Glory. I have something for everyone. Healing Guided Grief journals for all. Journals for LGBTQ. I also have a journal for none verbal and people with disabilities. My clothing brand is Queensetta and Kingsetta the slogan that goes along with it is she keeps getting better and better, he keeps getting better and better. It’s a movement a vibration a vow. You get to wear this brand it doesn’t wear you! The meaning of the brand is someone who is teachable, someone who doesn’t deflect and make others wrong. Someone who dances to the beat of their own drum. Someone who builds up.