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Elite Professional Spaces LLC on Kiva
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Elite Professional Spaces LLC

Jewell: "This funding helps a woman-owned business provide jobs and afford marketing to grow our small business."
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Sep 24, 2022
Elite Professional Spaces is a 2000-square-foot building that provides private office spaces to small business owners. We also offer a conference room for business owners to host classes and seminars to train other individuals about their particular industry. We have used this space also to host fundraisers and giveaways for the local non-profits and the community. We've only been open for one year, but already we've helped over 100 families with free food, clothing, shoes, haircuts, hairstyles, nail care, and back-to-school supplies. Our business is a physical location in Snellville, GA. I started the business to allow other business owners a private and professional working space that maximizes creativity and success—many people who work from home deal with distractions. I have created an area that is peaceful and promotes execution. Business owners rent office space at Elite Professional Spaces to increase their creativity, productivity, and efficiency.