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Real Estate

Edmondson Village

Building Black wealth through community-owned shopping centers.
Investment type:
( )
Target raise:
 - $980,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Apr 20, 2023
Strategic. Purchase profitable urban community shopping centers in partnership with Black entrepreneurs and community investors Building Black wealth. Providing a path for increased ownership opportunities of real estate assets. Supporting Black talent. Providing opportunities to Black-owned businesses and opportunities for local community employment Scalable. Planning to provide investment opportunities in 10-100 service oriented community shopping centers Black-owned. Project led and owned by a Black team Return. 49% of cash flow and profit to investors
Our Story

The Chicago TREND Corporation has negotiated a contract to acquire the 316,474 square foot Edmondson Village Shopping Center in Baltimore, MD for $17,050,000. TREND is launching a crowdfunding campaign to allow Black entrepreneurs, community residents and other interested socially-minded impact investors – with as little as $1,000 – to co-own the Shopping Center.