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EDA / SaaS Platform

EDA’s SaaS platform makes culture visible to decision-makers as the one-stop-shop for all surveys.
Kansas City, 
Investment type:
Target raise:
 - $1,070,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Feb 22, 2022

  • Software designed to make culture visible revolutionizing real-time leadership decisions through actionable insights
  • EDA’s strategy is to capture employee sentiment through a robust AI and one-stop-shop survey platform
  • We believe SW solution is scalable & enables sticky SaaS and Ai revenue and profits w/ long-term recurring revenue
  • The company, run by an experienced team, is revenue-generating and expected to be profitable by 2022 (not guaranteed)
Our Story

EDA, Inc. provides high-value services and software to C-level executives, boards, and HR teams that assess culture and provide actionable insights enabling increased employee engagement and culture risk management.
Our Ambition

EDA, Inc. wants to grow revenue profitably to over $20 million. We would like to target 70%-80% of our business in SaaS and AI and 20%-30% of revenue in services. It is our intent to go public within 4 to 5 years or be acquired by a larger business productivity software company such as Microsoft.