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Juan: "This funding helps an immigrant-owned debris removal business buy software to automate admin operations and increase marketing."
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Aug 21, 2022
My business provides many different kinds of services. We assist residential and commercial customers with the remodeling of their homes or businesses in every area of the property. We also provide construction services, general contracting, home professional design blueprints, and consulting. Through my work, I have observed that many of my business’s activities yield a large amount of debris. I have also seen that other businesses who do what I do face a similar challenge: how to remove the waste created by our work and dispose of it properly. My solution was to create “Dump And Go” which provides dumpster services to remove this debris and transport it to a proper landfill. My business operates in North Texas around the Frisco area, but it is not fixed to a physical location. It can and has provided services in Houston, Austin, and other cities. I started my business back in 2018 because I love to serve my customers. I have a passion for transforming a space into my client's dream space without the worry of the mess left behind. I would always have an Open House when I finished remodeling a home, and I would attend to see the happiness on my clients’ faces. The feedback they provide is what motivates me to do what I do. I am at a point now where my business is asking me to grow, and to be able to do that, I need to invest in tools that will allow me to expand in a scalable, strategic way.