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Dirt Burger on Mainvest
Food & BevMain Street

Dirt Burger

Food & Drink Shop
Des Moines, 
Investment type:
(Revenue Sharing Note 1.4×)
Target raise:
 - $250,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Jun 26, 2022
Dirt Burger is seeking investment to open a new location in Des Moines, Iowa.
Our Story

Our Story Dirt Burger was born from the realization that the fast food market lacks affordable, plant based choices. We also noticed that the current fast food model produces tons of waste, using heavily processed patties, shipped over great distances, and served in packaging that never goes away. From these systemic problems, the solutions grew right out of the ground and Dirt Burger has been cranking out our uniquely bold, and flavorful plant based burgers, shakes, and fries since July of 2019. The driving force behind the Dirt Burger menu is bold flavor. The kind of flavor you expect from a good burger, but doesn't taste like fake meat..just an incredible sandwich.Vegan food is typically pricy, but the Dirt Burger production model allows for less expensive options that are still healthier and equally flavorful. Typical fast food restaurants are not concerned with how the food is produced or whats in it...but we bet you do! And we know the rest of the world does too.