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Digital Compudev Investments LLC on Kiva
Black-ownedPeople of Color

Digital Compudev Investments LLC

Chris: "This funding helps an immigrant entrepreneur to initiate a promotional plan for the company and its 12,000+ hosted products."
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Sep 20, 2022
Digital Compudev Investments LLC was registered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The slogan of the company reads, “Digital Recreational Solutions,” and as such, through the company, we will adapt the Digital phenomenon into crafting new types of Digital Electronic Devices and we will invest in further production of those items while on a wider scale the bulk of our business will be focused on the retail of items from related category types for consumer recreational and industrial use. For efficiency and far-reaching effects, our idea is to market products only via websites. We now have an online presence that is powered by a vast inventory and a wide array of Computing and Digital Electronic related devices. We exist in this business with the discipline to serve because of how effective our marketing tools are in helping to enhance the lives of our clients. There are more than 12,750 viewable items on the website that can be ordered by paying with a credit card or Bitcoin. We have offices in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and can be found on Google Maps. We offer our clients and customers a wide range of Personal Computing devices, Digital Electronic gadgets, Industrial Electronic equipment, and other Consumer Electronics Items.