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Deskless Workers

The RemoteForce platform from Deskless Workers provides companies with remote and deskless employees all the tools they need to effectively communicate and stay on top of their workforce.
Investment type:
(Common Stock)
Target raise:
 - $1,000,000
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End date:
Feb 02, 2022
On a mission to empower deskless employees, Deskless Workers built RemoteForce, a content publishing and communications platform designed to help businesses effectively manage their deskless workforce. The RemoteForce employee management system allows leaders to seamlessly communicate with employees, receive valuable feedback, assign tasks in real-time, and even hold them accountable in getting the job done. It helps employees find the perfect balance between valuable content and productivity and provides a toolset that can help companies improve employee engagement.Deskless Workers won a US Air Force Innovation Grant, allowing us to deploy a software pilot program for the 482nd Fighter Wing in Homestead, Florida. The software was installed on 1402 airmen mobile devices. Here are some of the results from the software pilot.Software Pilot Results
Our Story

Technology has not helped the world’s 2.7 billion deskless workers. Solutions developed for frontline workers remain essentially the same applications designed for use on office PCs – just crammed into a mobile interface. Frontline and mobile workers have little familiarity with Microsoft Office and they rarely use email – most don’t even have a corporate email address. The result is that deskless employees have significantly lower job satisfaction than office peers. Fully 61 percent of these workers have considered quitting because of unhappiness with the work environment. These workers don’t feel fully informed and believe they are viewed as less important than in-office workers. According to Gallup, this has caused a great employee engagement crisis among these workers right now. A full 85% of employees surveyed indicated that they are not engaged or actively disengaged at work. The economic consequence is approximately 7 trillion in lost productivity and the pandemic is making the situation even worse.Other factors contributing to worker dissatisfaction include:HQ metrics that don’t connect with frontline realitiesRemote workers often feel isolated from peersProfessional training is lacking and doesn’t address personal goalsManagement is not vested in frontline successCorporate-produced communications lack authenticity and don’t resonate with workersAchievement is invisible to management and peersWorkers find it difficult to network with co-workersCollaboration is limited by lack of accurate content and difficult-to-use toolsExpectations and goals are not clearly communicatedOJIT (on the job training) is not scalable and often performed in piecemeal fashion
Our Ambition

RemoteForce is a mobile software platform designed for these forgotten frontline workers. It was developed as a true mobile-first experience and made intuitive by using social media conventions and innovative, easy-to-use visual technologies augmented with patent-pending AI technology. Any company can now effectively communicate and manage frontline employees wherever and whenever they work.