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Real Estate
#BLMPeople of Color

Deanwood Station

A project for everyone in this neighborhood on the rise.
Investment type:
(preferred equity)
Target raise:
 - $700,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Jul 31, 2021
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Affordable Housing. Condos at below market sales prices. Fresh food. A grocery store in a food desert. Small business support. Creation of a co-sharing space focused on nonprofits and minorities. Focus on homeownership. Building wealth through homeownership. employment. Neighborhood on the rise. One of the hottest neighborhoods in the nation.
Our Story

Deanwood Station is a project in NE Washington D.C., situated in a neighborhood stagnant for over 20 years, but now seen as one of DC’s fastest growing neighborhoods. There is easy access both to major thoroughfares to the East and South and three Metro stations , all within two miles. There is a STEM High School, and Marvin Gaye Park is nearby, with a trail that stretches down to Virginia. There are also several retail shops that provide day care, dry cleaning, fast food and convenience shopping. What Deanwood Station aims to provide is the two main missing ingredients: A grocery store with fresh food, and affordable for-sale housing. The building will house 13 condominium units, and also support local business with a co-sharing office space dedicated to local nonprofits and minority businesses.