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Davenport SAF-T Systems

The SAF-T VEST™ will detect a fall and deploy airbags to reduce risk of injury.
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(Convertible Note)
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 - $124,000
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Dec 02, 2023

  • ?????????200+ inquiries from clinicians and consumers; 3 accelerators; 3 academic partnerships
  • ????The SAF-T VEST uses sensors and airbags to protect you in a fall from the hips to the head.
  • ???????????????Our clinical, engineering and scientific leads have more than 70 years of experience.
  • ??A capture rate of just 1.2% of today’s 56M+ senior market could drive $650M in sales revenue.
Our Story

We are building the SAF-T VEST--a patented wearable technology designed to provide 360-degree fall injury protection from the hips to the head. Fall injuries, especially among older adults, are a $50B public health crisis in the U.S. One in four seniors falls each year. Three million fall injuries are treated in the hospital ER. The SAF-T VEST will detect a fall in progress, inflate a system of airbags in a fraction of a second, and absorb the impact of the fall with a cushioned landing.
Our Ambition

In five years Davenport SAF-T Systems will be the market leader in advanced fall protection because our product will be comfortable, lightweight and fashionable. We'll have models suitable for bedtime, outdoors, warm and moderate climates. The SAF-T VEST will be indispensable in hospitals, nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. Data from our pilot studies will drive Medicare approval, making our solution available to all who need it--not just those who can afford it.