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ComeWith on StartEngine


Living Life Better With Friends
Palm Beach Gardens, 
Investment type:
(Common Stock )
Target raise:
 - $1,007,999
End date:
Apr 30, 2023
We have launched a paid membership SaaS service called ComeWith Adventure Club that connects people from online to offline shared experiences so they can meet, make friends and cultivate meaningful relationships.
Our Story

We designed ComeWith for busy, hard-working professionals seeking better work-life balance and more meaningful relationships. In our opinion, unlike existing platforms like Facebook or Meetup, we help our customers turn online acquaintances into good, real-life friends through our online-to-offline (OTO) mobile platform. We provide personalized friend networks and AI-matching technology to make it easy to find people you vibe with. Meanwhile, our shared experience marketplace provides a platform for users to create custom social experiences.
Our Ambition

We are building a revolutionary shared experience ecosystem that cures loneliness for our users through more fulfilling social lives. After this raise, we will expand our marketing and sales efforts and continue to develop new products and technology. With a top-tier team of experienced professionals and an enthusiastic, growing user base, we are ready to create an authentic, more fulfilling, real-life alternative to traditional social media.