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Coconana LLC

Hanh: "This funding helps a woman-owned coffee shop in Brooklyn to provide jobs for a group of female immigrants."
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Dec 07, 2022
Oct 2021, I was confident that Covid was over. Being optimistic, I opened a Vietnamese coffee shop on the expensive street of 6th Ave behind Bar Clay Center. Because I love food, I couldn't resist adding a food menu to the coffee menu, and I created a coffee shop where you can get a bowl of noodle soup while working on your laptop. Now, does it sound prone to accidents? Of course not; our customers know when to stop working and enjoy food. They know that they can work all day and not be worried about being hungry here. We are known for our friendly staff. My staff is immigrants. When they first started, they worked in the kitchen, and I encouraged them to step up and improve their English. And they did. Now my staff are improving their English and can serve our customers better. We also do pop-up events for chefs and vendors. Occasionally, we host events for grad parties, music nights, meetups, and birthday parties.