Climate Action Now

To help consumers take planet-saving climate action on their phones in seconds.
Investment type:
(Convertible Note)
Target raise:
 - $1,070,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Apr 01, 2021

  • You are alarmed about climate change and want to do something that can make a difference.
  • You want to give ordinary people the means to fight climate change.
  • You want to invest in a team that has created profitable businesses with software that people love.
Our Story

We are creating an app that makes it exceptionally easy and rewarding for people to take climate action on their phones. Most actions earn points and can be taken in a matter of seconds or minutes with a few touches. Examples: call your elected representative with just four touches, petition a CEO to increase their climate ambitions with three touches, and join a “group buy” to purchase planet-friendly products like e-bikes in just a couple minutes.
Our Ambition

In five years, we expect that our app will be adopted by dozens of climate organizations that use it to engage and track climate action by hundreds of thousands of their followers. We expect to have versions for all of the world's major emitters and languages. We expect to have 5 million active users and $50 million in annual sales. We expect our app users will have taken 500 million climate actions and planted millions of trees.