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CleanCash by SaniCash

The new normal of commerce
Investment type:
(Common Stock)
Target raise:
 - $1,070,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Apr 06, 2021

In a world where we have all seen the destruction caused by a single virus, creating sanitization technology for such high-traffic items has never been more important

Our team has decades of product experience building solutions for demanding clients including the military and NASA

We are creating a brand new market category to compliment the point-of-sale market which is projected to hit $125B in 2027

Our Story

CleanCash by SaniCash is making commerce safe again by utilizing ultraviolet-C light energy to sanitize cash and credit card terminals, protecting the interaction between consumers and vendors alike from the viruses and germs that we are exposed to every day. With our patent-pending systems, we aim to restore confidence in point-of-sale transactions and our retail economy after the severe historic disruption we have seen take place.
Our Ambition

In the near term, our focus is on executing upon our plan to bring our products to market within a year. Currently, we have patent drawings and schematics in line with our patent-pending applications. We are currently building our first prototype. We estimate that we will go through multiple rounds of research and development and prototyping, but the total number of rounds is unknown at this time.  After the successful introduction of our devices to retailers around the country, we will look to begin licensing and integrating our tech into existing point-of-sale provider’s products. We are also looking forward to 3rd party laboratory testing to further certify our tech’s efficacy.