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Clark's Special Kitchen LLC on Kiva
Food & Bev
Black-ownedPeople of Color

Clark’s Special Kitchen LLC

Isa: "This funding helps Nigerian Fusion food chef start up a new multicultural food business."
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End date:
Feb 23, 2023
I am bringing to my community a fusion kitchen showing casing a variety of multi-cultural food with a vision to be able to give satisfactory meals to virtually anyone. The vision is to give meat lovers, fish lovers, and as well as vegans the opportunity to experience quality and tasteful food with a long-lasting impression and experience. This business will be located at the Can-do Kitchen Facility located at 3501 Lake Street, Kalamazoo, Michigan. This business was officially registered in April of 2022, and the purpose of starting this business is to bring smiles and happiness to all food lovers because food is a thing of joy and a great way to push through every day of our life.