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City Fresh Pasta

Fresh pasta, ravioli, gnocchi, pierogies
Investment type:
(Interest bearing)
Target raise:
 - $33,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Dec 06, 2019
City Fresh Pasta operates a retail, takeout, restaurant, and catering business in the Squirrel Hill and North Shore neighborhoods of Pittsburgh. The company sells fresh pasta, ravioli, gnocchi, pierogies, and other ready-to-eat meals. It is currently a project of the LLC Food Design of PA, of which Eric is a 10% owner. He is looking to buy the rest of the company from the 90% owner so he can grow the company according to his vision.
Our Story

About City Fresh PastaThe restaurants and farmers markets operating under the name "City Fresh Pasta" will soon be under the LLC EME Squared. The 90% owner of Food Design of PA is not interested in the restaurants and farmers markets. Essentially, Eric looking to buy him out of Food Design of PA and continue the restaurant and farmers market operation. Eric’s additional goal is to buy a food truck and set it up with the City Fresh Pasta logo and menu. This will be a welcome addition to the company on many different levels.The future of the business is in the farmers markets and in the food truck world. The product lends itself to the food truck model quite well due to the fresh made-to-order product and the speed at which we can cook the pasta. It also does very well in a to-go box.Many years ago, we brought the business to three farmers markets on Wednesday night, Thursday night, and Friday night. Coming from a chef background his entire career, the farmers markets were a culture shock! Being face to face with customers in the sun and open fresh air, with the occasional cool breeze, Eric found he enjoyed the farmers market experience and quickly realized that this is something he could do as a career.We needed a year-round establishment in order to make the full time jump to fresh pasta and found a home in the Pittsburgh Public Market. The 10x10 stand inside the market was very different than the evening farmers markets we were used to. The people shopping at the market during the day were more interested in eating immediately on their lunch break then they were in buying something for dinner later on that day, so we needed to figure out a way to get them to try the product.