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Edward: "This funding helps me to get the space and equipment I need to become fully independent and grow my business."
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Apr 29, 2023
Six years ago, I started my cleaning business using a sales agency to find customers. Their sales services are very expensive as they take a large portion (35%) of my revenue for every job they refer to me. Although I do all the work, I only get 65% of my fee. I work hard and want to keep more of my hard- earned money. This reduction in my profit margin is keeping me from growing my business. I am very experienced in commercial cleaning and provide an excellent customer service. I had 14 years’ experience working for someone else before starting my own company. I recently have been able to find new accounts on my own and my business is growing. The core of my business is cleaning commercial properties. To be able to grow and meet customer needs, I need to purchase new equipment. Professional backpack vacuum cleaners will be needed to grow the commercial cleaning. I want to convert my garage into a warehouse that will enable me to protect and store supplies, equipment and give my business a real office space. Long term goals include hiring other New Americans from my NH community.