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Reach a divorce agreement without the time, cost and conflict of attorneys
Los Altos, 
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Target raise:
 - $245,000
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End date:
Oct 31, 2020
Using patented AI-based online dispute resolution (ODR) technology, BlissDivorce guides couples through a convenient online process to reach a divorce agreement and move on with their lives without the time, cost and frustration of attorneys. By empowering couples, even those in a contentious divorce, to resolve disagreements with our ODR tools, we are the first online platform able to compete directly with the dominant market player: divorce lawyers.
Our Ambition

In 5 years, we want redefine divorce. Instead of hiring opposing attorneys, which increases conflict and stress, divorcing couples can use our ODR tools to work out the best agreement for them--even in a contentious divorce. We believe this will establish a strong business to build from: just 5% share of the 25 largest U.S. states generates $160M in revenue. We believe there is a multi-billion $ opportunity in other markets (EU) and by applying our ODR technology to other legal verticals.