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Being Black is stressful, but inner peace is real. Our app has your back.
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Target raise:
 - $250,000
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Jan 17, 2023

  • $169B – Mental and Workplace Wellness Market
  • $588M – Mental Health Apps market (2018)
  • App Evaluated with a $1.5M grant (different entity) from National Institutes for Health
  • US businesses lose up to $300B per year annually due to workplace stress
Our Story

BlackFULLness is a mindfulness app for Black people using practices that are culturally relevant and scientifically proven to reduce stress and promote healing justice. In addition to meditation, there are breathing practices, prayer, various types of mindful movement, motivational and educational content and a button that allows people to get immediate support in stressful situations. This is all done in a way that is thoughtful and intentional about the Black experience.
Our Ambition

As a culturally relevant mindfulness media company, our intention is to revolutionize the way technology is leveraged to bring mindfulness to the underserved populations by building systems that consider culture, race, and ethnicity and their nuances in a way that large companies can't. We intend to start with Black people in the US, but intend for our model to be replicable for other communities. We also intend to create a version for children and young adults that could be used in schools.