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BG Gallery

Airom: "This funding helps empower us to better showcase overlooked accomplished artists."
Santa Monica, 
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Jan 22, 2024
ending soon
Business Overview: bG Gallery is an artistic haven that challenges artistic norms, spotlighting overlooked and unconventional forms of expression while uniting high and low brow art. We serve as a bridge between these worlds, catering to maverick collectors deeply attached to collecting art. Operating Presence: Our business operates through a physical gallery space nestled in a vibrant artistic neighborhood. Additionally, our online platform,, connects us with a global audience, ensuring that our curated collection reaches art enthusiasts everywhere. Inception and Motivation: The inception of bG Gallery traces back to a formative encounter with Salvador Dali's "Sleep" during junior high, sparking an unwavering love for the arts. Over time, this passion matured into a determination to create a space that transcends artistic boundaries and champions inclusivity. With a keen focus on serving maverick collectors—individuals with a deep attachment to collecting art and a fervent enthusiasm for unconventional expression—we've carved a niche in the art world that thrives on pushing limits and fostering creative connections. Check us out on Instagram! @bggallery