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Bettie's Boutique on Kiva
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Bettie’s Boutique

Felecia: "This funding helps this African American woman fashion entrepreneur open her own store."
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Aug 26, 2022
Bettie's Boutique is named after a very important lady in my life- my dear sweet mother who taught me everything I know about style, life, and fashion, and to this day she is still a 70-plus-year-old fashionista. At Bettie's Boutique, we specialize in urban apparel with a major emphasis on the plus and curvy size clothing for women. I have lived in Northwest Arkansas for 18 years and one of the biggest problems I've faced as an African-American and a plus-size woman is shopping for clothes that fit my style. The plus-size market here in NWA is very limited and it’s our goal to solve that problem. Bettie's Boutique has operated for almost two years, we have a small space brick and mortar location we share with a friend of mine in her larger store, located in the heart of Fayetteville’s shopping district. We also host an online shop at We use our Instagram account with over 1500 followers to promote the business and to network with the business community. This has brought us, customers, from all walks of life and we have been blessed to work with some inclusive and modern local organizations in the area for businesses like EforAll of NWA, NWA GIRL GANG, Black-owned NWA, and also Interform for fashion artists. After two years it is time to expand and spread our wings wider! I am currently working with the leasing manager at the NWA Mall to rent out a store space for just Bettie’s BoutiqueWe is all about Fashion Equality and Size inclusivity. It’s our goal and vision to provide an environment in the heart of NWA where women can shop for what they love where they love no matter their size.