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BERR Build Educate Rise and Restore on Kiva
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BERR Build Educate Rise and Restore

Tatiana: "This funding helps Build, Educate, Rise, and Restore implement "Infinite Mindz Learning Pods" and Family Support Services."
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Oct 13, 2022
B. E. R. R. Build Educate Rise and Restore is in the business of promoting black excellence and helping people reach their full potential in society through philanthropy, social services, educational opportunities, networking, humanitarian efforts, and human resources. As the founder and Executive Director of B. E. R. R., Build Educate Rise and Restore, I will ensure to oversee every head director over every program being initiated. Also, I will be very integrated with the everyday day-to-day operations in order to help ensure a better loving, united community continues to be the journey B. E. R. R. is on. To Address Learning Loss and Accelerate Student Recovery and Success, we must give them the motivation to do so, and B. E. R. R. is in for the long ride in doing so. B. E. R. R., Build Educate Rise and Restore is a service to the people in the community that provides the fulfillment needed to heal, protect, and franchise people disenfranchised. B. E. R. R. will become a company with many local, national, and international recognition for its philanthropical outlook on human services, the human condition, and the betterment of oppressed conditions. B. E. R. R. Build Educate Rise and Restore is a professional (public) agency with the responsibility for the welfare, health, and education of children and their families. The programs offered include mentorship, case management, building entrepreneurs, a haven, food services, educational services, and simply loving and caring staff and volunteers. Helping people of all ages, creeds, and situations is the major goal. Focusing on the ages 6-17 and their families through these emotional times during their journey of learning and learning who they are will be the primary focus of the education, mentorship, and case management services.