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Bee My Blessing on Honeycomb

Bee My Blessing

Michael is raising funds to support operations for Bee My Blessing’s bee hives!
Investment type:
(10% 60 months)
Target raise:
 - $200,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Jun 20, 2022
Michael is raising funds for his bee hives and delicious honey! Bee My Blessing is a company that provides fundraising opportunities centered around the miraculous and life sustaining gift of honeybees.After becoming a novice backyard beekeeper, our founder Michael Carr, The Abundant Life Broker®, developed the dream of utilizing non-perishing liquid gold to provide fundraising opportunities for local baseball teams, cheerleading squads and mission groups to raise money for their causes thereby passing one blessing to another blessing. His dream is to create a circle of sustaining activities that feed each other perpetually. The more honey you purchase, the more hives we can purchase to create more awareness both to the honeybee population and the organizations that utilize the profits to do more good in the world.We are thrilled for all the ways you can get involved in “The Sweetest FUNdraiser on Earth!”
Our Ambition

Bee My Blessing™ is pre-funded by our Founder, Michael Carr. His goal has been to provide fundraising opportunities to positive youth organizations and humanitarian efforts. Additionally, helping the environment and sustaining the life of the honeybee. By investing into our operation you can help modernize our kitchen and bottling facilities, as well as expanding our bee yards and opportunities to positively impact our youth. When we are up to capacity on this phase of the company, we will be able to process up to 600 hives and 2,000 gallons of honey a year!