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Backattack Snacks

Minimally processed snacks, free of added sugars, preservatives, and chemicals
Brook Park, 
Investment type:
(Interest bearing)
Target raise:
 - $27,100
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Dec 23, 2019
You shouldn’t need a PhD in chemistry to understand what you are eating. That is why we created Backattack Snacks: to provide consumers with a healthy alternative to typical snacks found in supermarkets.Our promise is that Backattack Snacks stands with you in your clean living efforts by ensuring all of our chef-inspired products are minimally processed and free of added sugars, preservatives, and chemicals. We didn’t use useless ingredients when we worked in restaurants, and we won’t start now. Simply put, our snacks are created by chefs, not scientists.We are raising funds through Honeycomb because we need new packaging that reflects our updated branding. As we grow as a company, we also need packaging that we don’t have to apply by hand, requiring much time and labor that should be used to expand our business.
Our Story

About Backattack SnacksSince we formally incorporated as Backattack Snacks in 2015, we’ve been selling beef jerky and other snacks to consumers via events and e-commerce. As demand for our products grew, we moved into our own facility, allowing us to sell at retail establishments such as groceries, convenience stores, and other venues like stadiums and arenas.We came to realize, however, that our branding needed to come up to speed with the rest of our business. Our logo felt didn’t communicate our products’ uniqueness the way we wanted it to, and we had to apply each logo to each bag by hand––taking up a lot of time and labor. Now that we’ve updated our logo, we need to get a packaging machine that will streamline the process much faster.Owner Brian Back brings over 15 years of professional culinary experience including Chef de Tournant, Saucier Chef, Marketing Chef, and Culinary Instructor throughout the Ohio region. Co-owner Lauren Back brings 10 years of educational leadership and training experience to Backattack Snacks.We are committed to healthy snacks and committed to help fund the research of ARVD/c (a rare heart disease that affects the Back family). Since March 1st, 2019, we have been donating $1 to the Johns Hopkins Heart & Vascular Institute for the ARVD/c research program for every Backattack Snack sold.We are hoping that with these funds, we will be able to move forward with our expansion much more quickly, and get healthy, energizing snacks out to even more people.