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Brittany: "This funding helps a family run photography business transform into a shared creative space for our community."
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Aug 05, 2023
My photography business is a comprehensive and versatile venture, specializing in a range of photography genres. I offer an array of services designed to cater to the unique needs of my clients. Alongside capturing beautiful images, I provide set design, pre-consultations, digital vision boards, professional editing, and printing services through a trusted third-party vendor. With expertise in various photography genres, including maternity, newborn, children, personal branding, graduates, and small events/weddings, I am well-equipped to capture precious moments at every stage of life. My goal is to preserve the emotions and stories behind each image, creating timeless memories for my clients. While my studio is conveniently located in a shopping center, I possess the flexibility and adaptability to shoot in diverse environments. Whether it's capturing the intimate bond between a family in a serene outdoor setting or documenting the joyful celebration of a small event, I can bring my skills and equipment to any desired location. I embarked on my photography business journey in 2014, initially operating part-time. This decision was motivated by my desire to have more flexibility and be available to support my recently disabled husband. In 2016, I took the leap and transitioned to full-time photography, allowing me to fully devote my creativity and passion to my client's needs while maintaining a work-life balance that suited my personal circumstances. Through my business, I aim to capture the inherent beauty found in all forms of photography. Each session is approached with care, attention to detail, and a commitment to delivering exceptional results. My ultimate satisfaction comes from providing my clients with treasured memories and moments frozen in time, while also being able to prioritize the well-being of my husband.