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Health & Wellness

Atom Limbs

Revolutionary prosthetics to end physical disability ??
Palo Alto, 
Investment type:
Target raise:
 - $5,000,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Feb 08, 2024

  • CEO sold last company Bebo to Amazon & has scaled companies to 1 billion users
  • Led by world-class ex-leadership from Apple, Oculus, Zoox, IDEO, and Neuralink with 1,000+ patents
  • Team’s track record includes bringing first iPhone & iMac to market
  • Team has deep experience in FDA and regulatory, successfully commercialized multiple medical devices
Our Story

Atom Limbs is making the world's first artificial human arm. We're giving 65M+ limb-different people their limbs back, and revolutionizing the $800B+ physical disability industry. Atom is based in San Carlos, CA, is pre-seed funded, is currently pre-market and aims to be in-market in 2023.
Our Ambition

In 2023, Atom anticipates 0.4% market penetration of global arm amputees, projecting 2,000 units sold and $57M in year 1 revenue. Atom anticipates releasing an artificial leg in 2025. Within 5 years, by EOY 2026, Atom anticipates 8% market penetration of global arm amputees and 4% penetration of U.S. leg amputees. This projects cumulative sales of 47,000 units by EOY year 5 and $1.3B in device sales & recurring monthly subscription revenue. All future projections cannot be guaranteed.