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Arowana Media Holdings
Media & Music

Arowana Media Holdings, Inc.

Arowana Media Holdings secures rights to undervalued and/or legacy intellectual property (IP). We develop, package, and produce these materials in partnership with studios and production companies for feature film, television series, and more.
Investment type:
(Common Stock)
Target raise:
 - $1,070,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Feb 09, 2022
Arowana Media Holdings researches, identifies, acquires, and packages properties with mass appeal or viable niche resonance. This provides investors the opportunity to participate in the exciting world of filmed entertainment. Our model offsets production costs to the studios/financiers in which we partner for production and distribution.
Our Story

A 2020 PwC Consumer Preferences survey found that 38% of respondents would be more loyal to a platform if new content was refreshed at a faster rate. The demand for compelling, differentiating content has never been higher. Networks and studios are sacrificing short term profitability in order to generate long-term subscriber growth. Companies with weaker balance sheets may be searching for alternatives, such as co-production partnerships or joint ventures. Producing content hinges on the ability to secure such arrangements, which will provide accessibility to intellectual property or financing.Project count by production cycleDuring the 2020 cycle, FilmLA counted a total of 215 new scripted projects, both dramas and sitcoms, across all three distribution platforms – broadcast, cable and streaming. This count includes 140 one- hour and 75 half-hour projects and also includes limited and mini-series. The count pertains to new projects that were slated to be filmed during the 2020 cycle – many of which were subject to COVID-19 disruptions.The 215 new projects this cycle represent the highest count since FilmLA began tracking these numbers back in 2011. The total project count increased by 9.7 percent over the previous year (196 projects) and by 27.2 percent since 2011 (169 projects).Examining new projects by distribution platform year over year, production of new broadcast shows declined by -11.9 percent, from 67 to 59. A total of 32 of these shows were one-hour, and the remaining 27 were half-hour.On the other hand, the number of new cable shows rose 11.3 percent from 53 to 59. This includes 43 one-hour and 16 half-hour projects.Meanwhile, new streaming projects, once again, experienced a steep increase, growing 27.6 percent from 76 to 97. This is not surprising, given the launch of four new streaming platforms during this cycle. This streaming series count includes 70 one-hour and 27 half- hour projects.As FilmLA reported last year, in 2019 the numbers of new streaming projects surpassed new broadcast projects for the first time. We believe that a rising number of new streaming shows is a trend that will continue, barring the failure of or consolidation among existing platforms.
Our Ambition

At Arowana Media Holdings, we have procured some of the most compelling sources of content in the industry today. We have the ability to acquire, incubate, and develop intellectual property and leverage it across existing fan bases via our flagship subsidiary, Mike the Pike Entertainment, LLC. This includes the rights to: