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People of Color


Email solution enabling users to browse, select, and make purchases without leaving their inbox
Investment type:
(Preferred Equity)
Target raise:
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Dec 17, 2022

Backed by JetBlue Technology Ventures and ELAL (Israel) Airlines; successfully raised on SeedInvest in 2019

Integrated with Google product and secured a contract with LATAM Airlines Group

IP includes one U.S. technology patent and other pending patents in Europe and China protecting seat assignment use case

AppMail customers can see up to 90% of users engaging with content for at least 18 seconds (compared to 13.4 seconds industry average in 2018), with a conversion rate of up to 37% (engagement and conversion figures based on data from January 2019)

Advisors include the co-founder of Priceline