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Anchor Barre

Melynda: "This funding helps improve our existing space but also grow our services to help more women improve their wellness."
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Feb 17, 2023
Anchor Barre is more than just fitness classes. Women initially come to Anchor Barre to try a barre class and get into better physical shape - they stay when they realize it's a community of women who genuinely care for each other. Yes, we are a boutique fitness studio that caters to women - but we are a safe space for women to come without judgment and give their bodies and minds a place to breathe. We are currently located in a small studio space (approx. 1500 sqft) in a diverse city about 30 miles south of Boston, MA. The original owner opened the studio almost seven years ago, and I was part of her original crew of instructors. When she went through a divorce two years ago, she approached me about taking the studio over. It was in the middle of the COVID shutdown; our physical studio wasn't even allowed to be open at the time. All I knew was that I LOVED our community and wanted to help it bounce back so our members could be back in our space and together again. We survived the shutdown, but the transition back has not been easy. Adjusting to the new norms has been challenging, but I am sure I am doing what I was always meant to do. I want to grow our community and get into a bigger space to offer our members more services. Women need an area like ours, made to improve their physical and mental wellness.