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America’s Trains

The only supplier for an essential U.S. travel market - upscale train vacations
Investment type:
(Priced Round)
Target raise:
 - $249,999
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Mar 01, 2021

  • We’re filling a void, “There is a current boom in luxury rail – demand exceeds available inventory”
  • A growing number of Journey routes throughout the USA and into Canada generate escalating revenue
  • The luxury market is travel’s “fastest growing segment” with “great demand for luxury trains”
Our Story

We luxuriously rebuild retired passenger rail cars, operate them throughout the USA and into Canada on 5 to 8 night Journey by Rail vacations in collaboration with Amtrak, selling: (1) individual (single) Journeys direct and through selected travel agencies; (2) Train'Shares (timeshares) supported by RCI the world's largest vacation exchange company with 3,000,000 members; (3) fractional interest (shared) ownership of individual self sufficient cars; and (4) related goods/services.
Our Ambition

We hope to be lead the U.S. train vacation market, with en-route layovers, on up to 38 cars with 140 bedrooms and lounges, bars, dining facilities and entertainment amenities, operating on about 12 routes at the same time with annual gross revenue exceeding $84 million in year 5. Based on cost effective operations and a growing demand for American luxury and train vacations, forecasts include high margin earnings exceeding the success of luxury foreign trains. Projections cannot be guaranteed.