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Alpaca Chasqui Peruvian Cuisine on Kiva
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Alpaca Chasqui Peruvian Cuisine

Mery: "This funding helps my Peruvian Restaurant buy much needed equipment and grow!"
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Sep 28, 2022
My small business, founded in 2020, is called Alpaca Chasqui Peruvian Cuisine. We offer our diverse clients a variety of Peruvian food and desserts. We can provide high-quality, delicious food via delivery, catering, and at local festivals. My business operates in the fair called the "Esquina del Sabor" or "La Plaza Colorado". I started my business due to a deep need. I saw my clients were looking for Peruvian food due to its popularity. As an ambassador of Peruvian Gastronomy, it is my priority to help people experience my culture known through Peruvian food and desserts. People are seeking new and unique food from different cultures, so many people are excited to try my tasty dishes.