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Aloha Wood Art

Paul: "This funding helps with a professional website redesign and three months of intensive online marketing for a wood art business."
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Oct 08, 2022
AlohaWoodArt is a newly formed Internet Business that features handcrafted wood products made by Aloha Wood and designed by myself and my family. AlohaWoodArt was established in February 2022 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in the hope that it could share its Aloha-themed wood products with customers beyond Hawaii. AlohaWoodArt currently has a functional website,, with which to start its online business. Still, it hopes to revamp its website with a new design to highlight the hard work that goes into making every individual product. The current website hardly does justice to the hours spent cutting, shaping, and assembling different shades of wood into the designs that feature Hawaiian flowers, marine life, coral scenery, and much more. With the new web redesign, AlohaWoodArt also hopes to offer its customers the ability to personalize some of its wood art products by having customers specify what they would like to say on their AlohaWoodArt wall décor.