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2LC Bakery on Honeycomb
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Black-ownedPeople of ColorWomen

2LC Bakery

Asha is opening up a storefront for her award-winning bakery!
Investment type:
(11% 60 months)
Target raise:
 - $80,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Mar 04, 2022

Named “Best Bakery” and “Best Donut Shop” in Americus, GA, 2LC Bakery is continuing to grow – opening up their brand new storefront!

Our Story

Asha is opening up a storefront for her award-winning bakery!2LC (Two Ladies and a Cake) Bakery is a dessert company that provides a wide range of sweets baked from scratch such as a classic chocolate chip cookie, red velvet cake or good ole poundcake to custom orders like wedding cakes, cupcakes, dessert themed tables, chocolate covered treats and more. We also offer classes and provide space for programming to support the local community and other entrepreneurs.Our company gains much of its clientele from word of mouth and we rely heavily on vending events to meet face to face with people. Our main focus is to always provide friendly customer service and a great product as most people remember both hand in hand. Therefore our customer base is honestly everyone! We service the blue collar worker who needs to bring treats for the office party, the soccer mom, the local school, husbands who want to surprise their wife with a personalized cheesecake and the list goes on. The customer base truly has also increased in the younger age as we have noticed an increase in demand for "DIY clients" with the newest attention of learning how to bake and decorate on social media!The majority of sales come from cupcakes and custom birthday/celebratory cakes. 2LC Bakery thrives during holiday seasons that focus on inclusion of sweet treats! Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas are the busiest. But between those times, we thrive due to graduations, baby showers, birthdays and the like. During the summer seasons we bring more refreshing flavors and like to pair our desserts with things such as ice cream to keep cool as well as lighter desserts.Currently the location that I have chosen is an empty space however it is a prime location for a successful bakery. Some things about the area is it has great foot traffic. Even during the pandemic they made changes by adding certain features such as a "neighborhood lot" which increases the "hangout" appeal as customers crowd there frequently from Friday to Sunday.. The businesses in the downtown area are supported heavily by the community and the downtown development affairs by hosting many events in the square. 2LC Bakery will be the only bakery in the square that offers the products that I have. There is an ice cream shop located 2 doors down that presents more of a joint opportunity than as a competition.2LC Bakery has also been marketed to the area as well considering the vending events we do mostly in the last year has been local so as to boost the anticipation that our location will be opening in the square.Currently the location has not been able to open without the specified changes to happen as a retail bakery however with the location open and serving as the home base of operations we can maximize profit by having the foot traffic and access to customers on a daily basis instead of per order and at vending events only.
Our Ambition

All of the funding will be used towards the build out of my location at 7 Keys Ferry St, McDonough GA. The build out consists of the costs for permits, adding an HVAC system, walls/dropped ceiling, flooring, lighting and electrical work for the inside. The outside will include painting and signage. Total costs for the project has been quoted at $90,000 and that includes labor and parts.