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Work Force Coin on StartEngine

South Jordan, UT Real Estate Investment CompanyIn 2016, after 25 years investing in real estate and the stock market, Mark and Ethel Hayes started mining Bitcoin and Ethereum. We watched digital currency fluctuate and trade between $1K to $20K a coin. All the while, we listened to analysts express concerns of digital currency volatility increasing…(Read More)

4Good Marketplace on StartEngine

Stamford, CT Where Consumers & Brands do Good!”Imagine a Marketplace where a brand’s success can be measured by its good deeds. Wouldn’t a brand want to do more good deeds? …And if consumers can see how much good is being created by what they buy and use regularly, wouldn’t they use the…(Read More)

Rentah on StartEngine



Brooklyn, NY Rent Whatever, Whenever.Rent-a-projector, Rent-a-lawnmower, Rent-a-dog walker, Rent-a- Halloween costume, Rent-a -guitar teacher, Rent-a-bouncy castle, prom dress, DJ, ice cream maker, Spanish tutor, steam vac, 3D printer, tuxedo, power drill …… Do you get the name, idea, and possibilities? All over the world people…(Read More)

The Hiev on LetsLaunch

The Hiev


Frisco, TX A Highly Immersive Experience Venue and BarComing in 2019, The HIEV is a Highly Immersive Experience Venue opening its flagship theatre and bar in Houston, TX. With the promise to truly erase the line between artist and audience, The HIEV is going to change the way you see live music. We are focused…(Read More)

Gimme Radio on SeedInvest

San Francisco, CA Building highly engaged communities for passionate music fansGimme Radio is a streaming music offering accessible via web (, mobile (iOS & Android), and Amazon Alexa. It has two tiers – a free radio service and a $4.99/month subscription offer for access to archived programming. Our programming is created by our…(Read More)

Carie Health on SeedInvest

Carie Health


Miami, FL Next-generation telehealth platform connecting doctors to their patients anytime, anywhereCarie was built by doctors, for doctors. We help doctors engage with their patients to encourage preventive care, as well as support them in growing their practice. Carie is a technology company with an easy to use telehealth application that is free for…(Read More)

Flagship Fitness on Netcapital

Eden Prairie, MN Flagship Fitness aims to improve the lives of residents of Ramsey, MN and the surrounding communities by providing an upscale fitness and wellness facility. We plan to do this by providing state of the art workout equipment, highly trained instructors, personalized work out plans to fit individual needs, and a variety of…(Read More)

Blur on StartEngine



New York, NY Rewards for Messaging and GamingGet rewarded for what you do everyday: Messaging and Gaming BLUR is a recently launched private messaging and gaming app that rewards people for doing what they do everyday with real-world products, cash, and scholarships. Messaging and gaming remain two of the most active experiences on mobile…(Read More)

Chick'nCone Franchise on StartEngine

Bangor, PA Fork-Free Chicken & WafflesWe are a franchisor of a unique fast food concept. Chick’nCone was created and developed by Jonathan Almanzar and Josh Lanier. We capitalize on the rising popularity of the fried chicken and waffles concept but provide guests with the ability to enjoy this delicious food “on the go”. Chick…(Read More)

FanBeat on First Democracy VC



Atlanta, GA Live-action mobile sports gamesFanBeat partners with teams, leagues, and media companies to offer a live-action gaming platform where sports fans answer predictive-play and trivia questions during breaks in the action for a chance to win prizes. The company has partnered with the Chicago Bulls, Atlanta Braves, and the Golf Channel…(Read More)

10XTS on Wunderfund



Eaton, OH Blockchain Solutions for the Financial Industry Blockchain offers a new approach to managing and settling financial transactions. It is being proposed as a solution to many of the inadequacies that plague enterprises, specifically within the Financial Services Industry (FSI) and early stage funding capital markets. It’s a new architecture, where all participants…(Read More)

Shark Wheel on StartEngine

Lake Forest, CA The Reinvention of the Wheel.Shark Wheel is a company located in Lake Forest, California dedicated to making the most unique, innovative and technologically advanced wheels in the marketplace. The Shark Wheel is flat on six sides and displays many scientifically proven advantages compared to the traditional wheel. Having won multiple international…(Read More)

Globe Standard on StartEngine

Van Nuys, CA Solar-Powered Digital CurrencyDigital Money For Our Digital Age: Global, Fast and Secure GLO by Global Standard is a commodity-backed digital currency combining two of today’s most exciting, important and growing industries: renewable energy and cryptocurrencies. GLO is based on blockchain technology with decentralized record keeping through a distributed ledger…(Read More)

MyCity SmartCard on StartEngine

Hoover, AL The SMART way to advertise.Media Outlets (TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine) trade their advertising for a business’ products and services, and then use SmartCard technology and our app to recoup their advertising revenues. The MyCity SmartCard app has been fully developed and operating in its initial version successfully since 2016. Version 2.0…(Read More)

Tequila Ciudad on First Democracy VC

South Jordan, UT Premium spirit label offering Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo styles of tequilaTequila Ciudad’s spirits are made from Blue Weber Agave grown in the Mexican Highlands of Arandas. The highlands region is known to produce a tequila that’s different than those grown in the richer volcanic earth of the lowlands region…(Read More)

Swiftdine on StartEngine



Lima, OH Reservable, Pay-Ahead, Sit-Down DiningSwiftdine Allows Diners to Reserve a Table, Schedule Service, and Pay Ahead Before they Even Get to the Restaurant In the booming market of On-Demand Dining, Swiftdine has identified a massive gap. Grubhub delivers food. OpenTable seats guests. Swiftdine takes on-demand dining to its next logical…(Read More)