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Orange Wolf Content on TruCrowd

Los Angeles, CA Pirate’s ArrBCs – a learning brand for kids!We would love to introduce “Pirate’s ArrBCs” – a multiplatform destination for children that educates, entertains and engages like never before! Pirate’s ArrBCs focuses on combining entertainment and learning to create products that children love and parents approve of with a series of…(Read More)

Purse for the People on Crowdfund Mainstreet

Butte, MT We are a for-profit, female-led benefit corporation based in Butte, Montana. We believe in using business as a force for good and that fashion can be both beautiful and healthy for the planet. Our mission is to create fashion that is beautiful, healthy for people, and safe for the environment. Purse…(Read More)


Boca Raton, FL One-Stop-Shop for Exciting ExperiencesA Deal-Driven Social Community of Influencers and Their Followers What’s the BUZZ about Hunny? To our knowledge, once launched Hunny could be the first platform to combine unbelievable experiences, free prizes, deals and engaging social media influencers — all on one platform. Hunny is designed to…(Read More)

Orion Aircraft Company LLC on Netcapital

Wedgefield, SC Making flight affordable againOrion Aircraft Company is a startup aircraft manufacturer seeking to become to cost and value leader in the light sport aircraft segment. Our purpose is to make flight affordable again.Funding target: $10,000 – $300,000 by 7/12/2019Regulation CF: Equity Minimum investment: $99…(Read More)

Eclipse Diagnostics on StartEngine

Los Angeles, CA Grower-friendly cannabis testHandheld Cannabis Testing Device CANABINOX is a handheld testing device that can accurately measure levels of cannabinoids and other chemicals at affordable pricing: Easy to use. Under 5 minutes. Lab-grade accuracy Cannabis growers want to hit max yield at full cannabinoid potential. How do they do it? They…(Read More)

Rayton Solar on StartEngine

Van Nuys, CA Rayton uses patented, particle accelerator-based technology to produce engineered wafers that can serve as the basis for next generation electronics impacting industries such as automotive, aerospace, 5G, LED, and solar. Many current and next-generation electronic-based technologies require either fast speeds, high power or both (1). While, silicon-based semiconductors…(Read More)

Ubitquity on SeedInvest

Wilmington, DE Enterprise-ready blockchain-secured platform for real estate recordkeepingThere has been little innovation in the way property is tracked and organized. It’s still a time consuming, labor intensive process, and there’s still a central point of failure that makes it all susceptible to fraud. The Blockchain brings this into the twenty…(Read More)

Third Coast Aviation Inc. on StartEngine

Houston, TX Professional Flight TrainingThird Coast Aviation Inc. (‘TCA’) is a Part 61 flight training organization providing flight training at historic Ellington Field (KEFD) and Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport (KLBX), working with commercial bound students transitioning into an aviation career. “Part 61 flight training” refers to the Federal Aviation Regulation defining CFI-centric training…(Read More)

Arygin Corporation on StartEngine

Dallas, TX Patent Pending Media Streaming ServiceThe Future of Streaming Arygin is building the ultimate media streaming device and service, with unprecedented capabilities at a reasonable price. We believe for every problem that exists in the movie industry, there is a solution. Our goal is to bring back the excitement and a?ordability to cinema…(Read More)

Healthereum LLC on StartEngine

Cheyenne, WY Blockchain Applications for HealthcareHealthereum is a platform targeting micro-level inefficiencies in provider-patient encounters to improve patient accountability, care delivery, and interactions with insurers. Healthereum will utilize blockchain technology and a reward schema for patients. Healthereum addresses the four critical cost aspects of a full-cycle encounter: adherence to appointments, acquisition of…(Read More)

Alta Zero Emissions Solutions on StartEngine

Las Vegas, NV Vendor of Eco Friendly TransportationAlta’s mission is to put an eCar in every garage, an eTruck in every driveway and an eBus in every city in North America . . . Our company is the only American corporation that is an appointed member of the CWTO Trade Promotion Center in Shenzhen, China.…(Read More)

Trella Technologies on StartEngine

Bourne, MA Grow tall plants in small spaces.An Automated Horizontal Plant-Training System to Maximize Space & Output Urban and indoor farming are the future, but traditional farming methods and tools won’t always translate from the field to the indoor farm. At Trella Technologies, we create energy-efficient and globally-scalable solutions to problems…(Read More)

Brooklyn Heights Farm Residences on SmallChange

New York City, NY Preservation of Historic FarmlandBrooklyn Heights Farm is a residential development on a historic farm on Brooklyn Heights Road in Rhinebeck, Dutchess County, in the Hudson River Valley of New York. This Agrihood conservation project on 1860’s farm land will be built using modular and prefab construction, focusing on conservation, preservation…(Read More)

Ocean Renewable Power Co. on Netcapital

Portland-ME, ME ORPC turns water currents into clean, predictable, renewable energy with zero carbon emissions.The Problem: Carbon Emissions Global carbon emissions totaled more than 37 billion metric tons last year, up almost 90% since 1970. This was primarily driven by burning fossil fuels to generate electricity, according to the EPA. If left unchecked…(Read More)

Vantem Global on Netcapital

Arlington, MA Innovative Building SolutionsVantem Global’s breakthrough building technology system reduces construction time by up to 80%, cuts costs by 25%, and is 5x more energy efficient than traditional building products. Vantem has developed a revolutionary building system that is affordable, environmentally friendly, and scalable. They have created a light structural panel, with a…(Read More)

Quigler on StartEngine



Stamford, CT The GPS for Real Estate Buyers & SellersIt’s 6 pm. Do your real estate buyers and sellers know all you did for them today? With Quigler they will. A powerful “GPS” for the buy/sell transaction that helps agents earn clients’ trust and love.Funding target: $10,000 – $107,000 by 6/5…(Read More)