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Wand on StartEngine



Denver, CO Mobile App To Easily Find House KeepersPositively Disrupting the Residential Cleaning Market We are all in a crunch for time and looking for ways to fill in the gaps and identify ways we can save time efficiently and inexpensively. Wand is a mobile app that enables consumers to find house cleaners in a…(Read More)

Karr Group of Companies on StartEngine

Panorama City, CA Eco-Friendly SolutionsPatented Cannabis & Agriculture Soil Enhancement Technology What about a soil/amendment product that can deliver/grow abundant organic and healthy food without leaving a detrimental footprint on the soil, and can do so over and over again, and not lose its properties for hundreds of years, in a highly sustainable…(Read More)

Coinseed on First Democracy VC

New York, NY Micro-inevstment platform for cryptoIn 2017 alone, the total number of cryptocurrencies increased from 617 to 1,335.i So far in 2018 the number of cryptocurrencies has continued to rise with an average of 93 Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) per month.ii Between January 2017 and September 2018, the market capitalization…(Read More)

Zenvst on StartEngine



Austin, TX Cryptocurrency InvestingCrypto should be simple. Now it is. Investing can be daunting, complicated, and difficult. The resources are jargon heavy, the act requires time for research and preparation, and the results are unforgiving to the uninitiated. This does nothing to mention the incredibly high barrier of entry: the willingness to lose the money…(Read More)

MedCognition on LetsLaunch

San Antonio, TX Holographic, Augmented Reality Medical SimulationMedCognition is a San Antonio, TX based medical & technology startup providing an affordable, portable, realistic, augmented reality medical patient simulator, PerSimTM. We created PerSimTM to democratize access to quality medical simulation training. Medical patient simulation improves medical provider skills and knowledge, which translates to improved patient safety.…(Read More)

Mercurius Biorefining on Netcapital

Ferndale, WA Low cost biomass to jet fuel conversionMercurius is developing and scaling up REACH technology, a low cost process to turn biomass into jet fuel and diesel. REACH stands for Renewable Acid-hydrolysis Condensation Hydrotreating and is inherently more capital efficient than competing technologies. We believe REACH will be a very important climate change…(Read More)

EscoBoss on StartEngine



Glendale, CA Short-Term Staffing – Simplified!Make Your Next Event A Success With A Mobile-First Staffing Application For Short-Term, Immediate, Hires Businesses need short-term help. Workers need short-term work. We’re bridging that gap with EscoBoss, a mobile-only experience for short-term staffing. Having the right staff can make all…(Read More)

Proof Media on StartEngine

Manalapan, NJ Voting System to Discern True NewsAt Proof, we believe in the truth. We’ve developed a new system wherein people become voters and are incentivized to vote on the truthfulness of content. Our founders have recognized, after storied careers studying market behavior, that the wisdom of crowds and a shared economy can be…(Read More)

PANGEA on SeedInvest



Los Angeles, CA Men’s Swimwear for the Worldly GentlemanPANGEA is a men’s line created for the Worldly Gentleman. We’ve scoured the farthest flung places in the world to dress the modern day nomad… in exotic prints and tailored fits.Funding target: $25,000 – $500,000 by 1/25/2019Regulation CF: Equity (Future…(Read More)

ModVans on StartEngine



Ventura, CA Modern & modular camper vansModVans is a new RV manufacturer with a line of modular camper vans and RVs built for family, work and play. Our CV1 is a crossover utility vehicle that blends the versatility of a van with the durability of a truck and the comfort of a passenger vehicle. Our…(Read More)

Jubel on First Democracy VC



Chula Vista, CA Experiential travel planning & booking platformConsumer interest in experiential and adventure travel is on the rise due in part to consumers strong desire for new travel experiences.i However, consumers that are interested in booking these types of trips themselves are presented with a high, and oftentimes overwhelming, number of choices. In the…(Read More)

The Winston Box on StartEngine

Gardena, CA Clothing Subscription for Big & Tall MenThe Winston Box: A Subscription Box for Big & Tall Men Someone Had To Do It Meet The Winston Box, a subscription service ONLY for big and tall men. Every month, for just $75 plus shipping, our customers have 2-3 quality garments that retail up to $150…(Read More)

G3C Technologies on StartEngine

Basking Ridge, NJ We Give New Life to Old TiresAn Innovative Waste to Wealth Technology “We have estimated that more than 1.7 billion tires reach the end of their lives each year, creating millions of tons of waste. The government has focused on disposing of these waste tires in an environmentally safe manner and…(Read More)


Irvine, CA OT-AI-Blockchain Smart Device PlatformBlockchain, AI and IoT for a Smart, Connected World The next wave of the Internet is here. It is the age of Smart Connected Products and the convergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain (DLT- Distributed Ledger Technology). We are already seeing the…(Read More)

PureWine on SeedInvest

Colleyville, TX Patented filtration technologyPureWine helps alleviate wine intolerance by filtering some components in wine linked to these common symptoms: headaches, congestion, skin flush, upset stomach.Funding target: $25,000 – $1,070,000 by 2/1/2019Regulation CF: Equity Minimum investment: $1,000…(Read More)

Smart Snow Solutions on StartEngine

Miramar, FL Manufacture a cloud-control snow removerSmart Snow Solutions is a manufacturing and marketing company dedicated to providing an excellent product that is cost effective to all industries and residential users. The remote control snow remover (Snowmax) is a patent-protected product with, to our knowledge, no comparable existing technology. Users of the snow…(Read More)