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COLORS: Oakland

Oakland, CA Oakland restaurant advancing livable wage opportunities in the industryCOLORS is a business & a social mission enterprise. It’s an upscale restaurant, catering & events facility providing excellent AfroLatino cuisine & outstanding service while training hundreds of workers of color to advance to livable wage opportunities in the restaurant industry. As part of…(Read More)

CannTrade on Microventures

Laguna Beach, CA eCommerce platform for cannabis and CBD productsCannTrade is an eCommerce platform for hemp, cannabis, and related businesses. Its platform aims to connect wholesale buyers and sellers of hemp, CBD, cannabis, and related products and equipment. Since 2018, over 1,330 businesses – and 1,900 representatives of those businesses – are registered on CannTrade…(Read More)

Hitch Robotics on SeedInvest

Santa Monica, CA Autonomous farm robots for the cannabis industryHitch is working to save the American Farm. Our first self-driving bot has already garnered attention and orders from a variety of farms, including Grown Rogue (publicly traded cannabis company) and HMC Farms (industry leading stone fruit and grape producer), who together have indicated the…(Read More)

Mesa, AZ Electric without compromiseAtlis Motor Vehicles is a transportation technology company building electric work vehicles. Atlis Motor Vehicles is designing and building a plug-in battery electric pickup truck. We want to build a truck with unprecedented capabilities at a reasonable price. We also want to change the customer experience from sales, ordering, financing…(Read More)

XTI Aircraft on StartEngine

Greenwood Village, CO The future is now. Lift Up. Jet Out.Welcome to XTI Aircraft Company. Our revolutionary TriFan 600 Hybrid Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing aircraft Changes Everything! It’s a big opportunity to revolutionize air travel. There’s a significant unmet need in the aircraft market —and we have the only viable…(Read More)

Jane West on Republic

Jane West


Denver, CO One-stop shopping for cannabis consumersMake cannabis simple: make life #betterwithjane Our brand is built by cannabis lovers for an emerging market of mainstream consumers. Thoughtfully designed accessories and home goods give customers a modern, sophisticated cannabis experience at home and on the go. Our team represents the 36% of consumers who use…(Read More)

Juna on Republic



San Francisco, CA Redefining your mind, body and mood through the power of plantsRedefining wellness Juna provides the highest grade of effective and organic CBD and cannabis products to improve mind, body, mood, and sleep. Inspired by the art and science of fine winemaking, we source single-origin flowers from boutique farms and meticulously extract…(Read More)

Stareable on Republic

New York, NY The platform enabling the future of TVWe help creators build, engage, and monetize their audiences Stareable makes it easy for creators to attract audiences and grow their reach all on one free platform. We help creators offer freemium experiences to their audiences, letting them pair their free-to-view shows with premium…(Read More)

Vivoo on Republic



San Francisco, CA Personal wellness advice through at-home urine sample analysisVivoo: a personalized wellness assistant at your finger tips Vivoo is a wellness assistant that gives personalized nutrition and wellness information to users. We use urinalysis test strips to collect real and accurate data about each user. From there, we provide a highly personalized…(Read More)

Outbound Brewing on StartEngine

Del Mar, CA Hemp CBD Non-Alcoholic Craft BeerOutbound Brewing offers a portfolio of nonalcoholic craft beverages, including three CBD-infused beverages, brewed to perfection using high quality, simple ingredients and the care that only comes with small batch brewing.Funding target: $10,000 – $1,070,000 by 4/10/2020Regulation CF: Equity (Common Stock…(Read More)

ElliptiGO on StartEngine

Solana Beach, CA Elliptical and Stand-Up BicyclesOwn a piece of ElliptiGO, the leading provider of elliptical and stand-up bicycles around the world. This is your chance to invest in the next big category of outdoor fitness and recreation with an established company that has already generated more than $45 million in sales.Funding…(Read More)

Natural Selection on Republic

Oak Grove, KY The future of health and wellnessA veteran-owned and woman-founded business on a mission for change. Join us as we combat and reverse the obesity and healthcare crises in America. We simplify healthy living by providing everything you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, under one roof, and on-demand.Funding…(Read More)

NIRA Skin on StartEngine



Peabody, MA Dermatology at HomeDermal Photonics’ affordable skincare laser noticeably reduces fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes with only 1-2 minutes of daily usage, all in the comfort of your own home. Dermal Photonics’ system is the first of its kind, delivering dramatic and lasting improvements by stimulating natural collagen production to renew…(Read More)

on Republic

San Jose, CA Community-driven platform with everything you need to create eventsFunding target: $25,000 – $107,000 by 5/1/2020Regulation Crowdfunding: Equity, Crowd SAFE ($7,500,000 valuation cap)Minimum investment: $100…(Read More)

on Republic



Cambridge, MA Solution for the visually impairedFunding target: $30,000 – $1,070,000 by 5/1/2020Regulation Crowdfunding: Equity, Crowd SAFE ($12,000,000 valuation cap)Minimum investment: $100…(Read More)

on Republic

New York, NY Live your biggest, boldest life through the science of storytellingFunding target: $100,000 – $1,070,000 by 4/2/2020Regulation Crowdfunding: Equity, Crowd SAFE ($10,000,000 valuation cap)Minimum investment: $100…(Read More)