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Airspace Experience Technologies on SeedInvest

Detroit, MI Air mobility company delivering private air travel to the massesWe are using mass production infrastructure and validated automotive electric vehicle technology to build practical a VTOL (vertical take-off & landing) aircraft for everyone. ASX aims to connect cities, suburbs, and surrounding airports around the world 5x faster than driving.Funding target: $25,000…(Read More)

CheerLife on StartEngine



Henderson, NV Connecting The World Through CheerCheerLife is one of the world’s first apps designed specifically to be the central hub for cheer and dance, from gym-wide communication solutions to a curated positive social media environment; live leaderboards and contests gamify the global world of cheer, allowing athletes to compete with users across…(Read More)

Vinty on SeedInvest



Oceanside, CA Premier classic car rental service and marketplaceVinty is disrupting an old-fashioned industry. We provide a modern, easy, and transparent way for service providers to access and rent classic cars. Book Unique Classic Cars for Professional and Life Events. Founded in 2016 in California, Vinty was inspired by the passion for great classic…(Read More)

GOffee on StartEngine

New York, NY YOUR cup of coffee delivered!GOffee is the first coffee company to deliver the same drink one would order from his/her favorite coffee shops. GOffee offers companies a low-cost yet powerful way to keep employees happier, engaged and more productive! In less than a year we have proven that combining…(Read More)

Digital Brands Group on StartEngine

West Hollywood, CA Premium Denim + Luxury Closet EssentialsDIGITAL BRANDS GROUP: A PORTFOLIO OF HIGH GROWTH DIGITAL FIRST APPAREL BRANDS Our portfolio model significantly increases revenues, decreases operating expenses, and establishes brand longevity. Our strategy reflects what traditional luxury holding companies have done for decades. But instead of wholesale first, we modernized the model to…(Read More)

Kalibrate Blockchain on StartEngine

Altamonte Springs, FL Filling Forms to Index HealthcarePatients universally dislike filling out forms on clipboards. Despite more than a decade of significant investments in Electronic Health Record (EHR) technology, patients in the United States are still handed millions of clipboards with paper forms on them each year. In this age of clicks and taps, patients…(Read More)


HOHM, Inc.


San Diego, CA Custom engineered, sound-blocking sleep pod, bookable via mobile app.HOHM is a custom engineered, sound-blocking sleep pod, bookable via mobile phone, that allows for a quick recharge.Funding target: $25,000 – $1,000,000 by 6/21/2019Regulation CF: Equity (Future) Minimum investment: $1,000…(Read More)

Franny's Distribution Inc. on StartEngine

Asheville, NC BD wholesale and Ecommerce distributionFranny’s Distribution is a CBD Wholesaler and Distributor that leverages vertical integration to cut down costs and reliance on manufacturers. Using simple and pure ingredients, no fillers or unnecessary ingredients will ever go into our products. Focused on ethical work practices and responsible production, they are building a…(Read More)

BoodsKapper on SeedInvest



Dallas, TX AI office assistant designed to simplify public housingBoodsKapper makes a “virtual office assistant” that can assign the right work order to the right technician, interact with the customer, and provide conversational reporting.Funding target: $25,000 – $1,000,000 by 6/21/2019Regulation CF: Equity (Future) Minimum investment: $1,000…(Read More)

Nahmias Et Fils Distillery

Yonkers, NY Producing Mahia, a traditional Moroccan fig spirit, from our family recipeWe’re introducing a new spirit category to the mix of popular liquors in the U.S. and around the world. Mahia, which literally translates to “water of life” is a fig brandy made traditionally by the Moroccan-Jewish population. Our heirloom recipe…(Read More)

TBJ Gourmet

West Chester, PA We Craft Bacon Jam. Spreadable bacon… Finally!Our trendsetting and award-winning products are sold direct to consumers online and through a network of 5 Event Sales Representatives, on QVC, in 5,500 retail food stores including Walmart, Acme, and Shop-rite and served in 1,000 restaurants. Totally bootstrapped, we went…(Read More)

Generation Genius on StartEngine

Sherman Oaks, CA t’s like Netflix for the Classroom.Generation Genius is a platform of Hollywood-quality, original content made for schools. We launched grandes 3-5 science in July 2018 and will expand to all K-8 core subjects to become Netflix for Learning. Produced in partnership with The National Science Teachers Assoc…(Read More)

Red Lilly Management on StartEngine

Mission Viejo, CA ATM Machines & Crypto MachinesRed Lilly Management is a family-owned, independent ATM company in Santa Ana, California with nearly a decade of expertise in this sector. In 2013, Crystal and Brian were introduced to the ATM industry. They were trained by working with 140 machines with the intent to purchase. The owner…(Read More)

Esportz Entertainment on StartEngine

Irvine, CA Esports News, Entertainment & Media MgmtEsports are competitive video games that have their own leagues, events, and audiences. Much like traditional sports, esports have been captivating global audiences around the world with comparable viewership from both the esports enthusiast and the occasional viewer. We have been working on this esports initiative for the…(Read More)

Taste on SeedInvest



New York, NY Personalized recommendations from like-minded peopleMore than 1 billion users rely on review sites like Yelp and IMDB to get recommendations, generating over a billion dollars in advertising revenue every year. Oddly, these platforms do not offer a truly personalized experience. Why should two people with drastically different tastes see the same…(Read More)

Enhanced Potential Holdings on Buy The Block

Detroit, MI A 21st Century Mental Health GymDavid McCullar is the founder and creator of three wellness business enterprises: Neuro Fitness Center Inception-Farmington Hills Enhanced Potential In 2006, David’s personal journey began with addressing symptoms of anxiety which led him to neurofeedback (brain training) as an alternative to traditional prescription medication. His own…(Read More)