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Bridgeport, CT A renovation project to support and incubate urban entrepreneurs in Bridgeport, CT.Urban entrepreneurs face a difficult challenge when financing both residential housing and commercial office space to meet the demands of their growing business. The rental fee for one’s personal residence coupled with the lease fee for commercial office space can…(Read More)

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Bein Carib


Elmhurst, IL Finds everything Caribbean relatedBEIN’ CARIB INC. is an app and website that allows users to find products that are affiliated with the Caribbean, within locations in the United States of America. “Bein’ Carib is Caribbean”… If you think of it, we provide it. If it’s not available on our sites, we ask…(Read More)

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Traverse City, MI We are a real estate development cooperative in Traverse City, MI.Commongrounds is a unique real estate developer because we are owned by our future tenants and our community.  Our mission to develop real estate in a manner that allows the community to participate so that we can together make the Traverse…(Read More)

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Wellesley, MA Low-cost, high-efficiency micro wind turbines for widespread wind energy generation.Halo Energy aims to use its patent-pending shroud technology to build one of the world’s most efficient, small-scale wind turbines. Small wind struggles as a viable energy category because most small-scale wind turbines are inefficient compared to…(Read More)

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Atlanta, GA Online Indian grocery delivery – the convenient way to shop for Indian ingredientsSubziwalla is a one-stop shop for Indian groceries, making it easier for shoppers to access fresh produce, frozen items, and over 4000 other Indian ingredients delivered directly to their doors. Imagine devoting 3 to 5 hours a week navigating through endless…(Read More)

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Salem, NH Real Estate Platform for Home is a unique Real Estate Technology Platform for Home Sellers, Home Buyers and their Agents. The Buyer’s View platform allows home sellers to easily match with homebuyers in their local communities through real estate agents. The platform greatly improves the home buying experience for homebuyers…(Read More)

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Denver, CO The World’s Smoothest TequilaSeven-thousand feet above the Pacific shoreline, in the red soil mountains of Jalisco, Mexico, grows Suavecito’s Blue Weber Agave. The unique combination of highlands air, elevation and mountain-top water flow makes our plants slightly smaller and drier, producing a higher quality agave than those found in…(Read More)

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Huxley, IA Automatic system that calculates, administers, and records livestock medication treatmentsautomed is an automatic livestock medication system. With one single system, users can automatically calculate, deliver, and record livestock treatments, and effectively manage their operations. Powerful and easy to use, the automed system integrates easily with existing livestock tools and farm management systems. The…(Read More)

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New York, NY Private Aviation PlatformIntroducing Jet Token Inc, an aircraft membership and booking platform for the ultramodern age of aviation. For the first time, you will be able to use a single platform to book a new HondaJet, or one of 4,000 other private jets, and pay with either cash or blockchain currencies…(Read More)

OddFellows on SeedInvest

New York, NY Inventive ice cream brand based in New York City with 4 retail locationsFounded in 2013 from a pregnant woman’s food cravings, OddFellows is a premier New York ice cream brand. Each of our ice creams are authentically homemade and crafted by James Beard nominated Chef, Sam Mason. There is something for…(Read More)

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Bellingham, WA Smart IoT technology for any vehicleFounded in 2015, FenSens was created to bring new car technologies to all vehicles, regardless of age. Its technology emphasizes user experience, advanced data collection services, and plug & play installation. The company’s vision is to develop a connected vehicle platform that enables customers to manage end-to…(Read More)

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South Jordan, UT Real Estate Investment CompanyIn 2016, after 25 years investing in real estate and the stock market, Mark and Ethel Hayes started mining Bitcoin and Ethereum. We watched digital currency fluctuate and trade between $1K to $20K a coin. All the while, we listened to analysts express concerns of digital currency volatility increasing…(Read More)

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Stamford, CT Where Consumers & Brands do Good!”Imagine a Marketplace where a brand’s success can be measured by its good deeds. Wouldn’t a brand want to do more good deeds? …And if consumers can see how much good is being created by what they buy and use regularly, wouldn’t they use the…(Read More)

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Brooklyn, NY Rent Whatever, Whenever.Rent-a-projector, Rent-a-lawnmower, Rent-a-dog walker, Rent-a- Halloween costume, Rent-a -guitar teacher, Rent-a-bouncy castle, prom dress, DJ, ice cream maker, Spanish tutor, steam vac, 3D printer, tuxedo, power drill …… Do you get the name, idea, and possibilities? All over the world people…(Read More)

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The Hiev


Frisco, TX A Highly Immersive Experience Venue and BarComing in 2019, The HIEV is a Highly Immersive Experience Venue opening its flagship theatre and bar in Houston, TX. With the promise to truly erase the line between artist and audience, The HIEV is going to change the way you see live music. We are focused…(Read More)

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San Francisco, CA Building highly engaged communities for passionate music fansGimme Radio is a streaming music offering accessible via web (, mobile (iOS & Android), and Amazon Alexa. It has two tiers – a free radio service and a $4.99/month subscription offer for access to archived programming. Our programming is created by our…(Read More)