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Hera Health Solutions on Microventures

Frisco, TX Proprietary biodegradable drug delivery implantsFounded in 2017, Hera Health Solutions is developing an innovative biodegradable drug delivery implant that seeks to revolutionize the long-acting drug delivery process. Its patent-pending technology aims to eliminate the need for painful, costly, and risky implant removal procedures by introducing a biodegradable material that resorbs into…(Read More)

Dine Inc. on StartEngine

Dine Inc.


Richmond, VA The Future of FoodserviceRunning a restaurant requires owners, managers & staff to wear a lot of different hats. Dine Inc. was founded by a foodservice industry veteran keenly aware of the lost efficiencies and gaps prevalent in modern restaurant technology. The DineGigs platform is being created to give owner/operator restaurants an industry-first…(Read More)

Hidrent on Microventures



Celina, TX Digital marketplace for off-duty firefightersHidrent was founded in 2017 to provide homeowners a platform to request safe, reliable home services from firefighters that are looking to capitalize on their time off and physical skills. Hidrent was founded by David Heimbuch, who has senior-level experience at large technology companies like Photobucket, YuMe…(Read More)

SanMelix Laboratories on StartEngine

Hollywood, FL Helping You Heal with HoneyUsing the natural healing properties of Buckwheat honey, combined with our advanced bioactive enhancements, SanMelix has created a product that aids in the healing of acute, chronic and minor wounds. With pending patents, co-created by a renowned Harvard trained podiatric physician, SanMelix’s advanced bioactive wound care products…(Read More)

Personal Airline

Thouand Oaks, CA Air charter meets AI for custom travelThe Personal Airline leverages data science with machine learning to provide low-cost, on-demand personal regional air travel. The Personal Airline is the new mode of transportation for regional trips! As companies like Uber and Lyft are pushing through their IPO’s, the world is…(Read More)

Leagueswype on StartEngine

Forest Park, IL The Ultimate Fantasy Sports AppGroup Me Meets Venmo for Fantasy Sports It is the most exciting time of the year — Fantasy Season. Your friends are already speculating draft picks and talking smack to each other. But now you have to deal with the part that every commissioner hates: collecting league dues.…(Read More)

Bot Image on StartEngine

Bot Image


Omaha, NE Saving lives with AI and specialized MRIAccording to the American Urology Association, Prostate cancer costs the United States an estimated $11.5 billion every year. Medicare alone reports spending $1.2 billion over a three year period. These staggering figures only include the costs for medical care and does not account of the…(Read More)

Mighty Self on Microventures

Mighty Self


Oakland, CA Daily nutraceuticals that contain full spectrum CBD & cannabis extractsMighty Self creates CBD and cannabis-infused products that seek to help users with anxiety, stress, relaxation, and focus. The CBD and/or THC are blended with bio-active ingredients like Ashwagandha, Curcumin, L-Theanine, Theorbromine, and others. The company believes that adding specific amounts…(Read More)

Dental Genie on SeedInvest

Gilbert, AZ Online dental marketplace offering ratings, reviews, and pricingDental Genie’s online marketplace offering ratings, reviews, and pricing is free for users seeking dental work in their area. Currently, this includes Metro Phoenix with plans to roll out in multiple Western U.S. cities in 2020. It’s simple to use, much like other…(Read More)

Mobile Cooks on Mainvest

Brookline, MA Food TechnologyMobile Cooks is seeking investment to open its Boston-based Cloud Kitchen (takeout and delivery) and enhance their service platform for chefs.Funding target: $300,000 – $1,070,000 by 8/6/2019Regulation CF: Equity (Future) Minimum investment: $500…(Read More)

KingsCrowd on Netcapital



Boston, MA AI powered investment decisionsKingsCrowd is building the first independent and unbiased data driven online private market ratings and analytics platform powered by artificial intelligence. We make it easy to make quick, informed investment decisions in the online private markets, which includes 45+ platforms including Netcapital.Funding target: $10,000 – $902,952 by 8…(Read More)

Vegan Fine Foods

Fort Lauderdale, FL All-vegan market and cafe franchise with groceries, health and beauty care, and prepared foods.We are an all-vegan market and cafe, with our flagship location in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We carry over 4,000 plant-based retail products on our shelves and in our frozen & refrigerated department. We have…(Read More)




Los Angeles, CA The largest music social network is about to become a LinkedIn for all creativesVampr helps creatives build a network and find the right people to collaborate with in an easy to use frictionless mobile app. For most of us, one of the biggest challenges is getting to know the right people who…(Read More)




Miami, FL Read and draw together in a video-call!Caribu is a shared screen video-call platform that helps parents and grandparents to read and draw with (grand)children when they’re not in the same location. A trusted adult and child call each other through a Caribu video-call, choose a book, and…(Read More)


Walnut Creek, CA We make enterprise level WordPress website hosting available to everyone.Convesio provides WordPress website agencies with a platform for hosting scalable WordPress websites without the complexity of traditional cloud providers. Convesio sites outperform traditional hosting providers, reducing client complaints. We simplify hosting, providing a high availability, secure and scalable platform for client…(Read More)


Santa Clara, CA Wiki of People: search engine and networking platform for people and companiesLifograph is building the world’s largest wiki of people and relationship map in order to quickly match people and companies with each other, based on their needs, skills, and real-life relationships. We are building a search engine that aggregates…(Read More)