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Oh So Polished on Buy The Block

North Chester, VA Beauty Lounge and Nail Tech SchoolA beauty salon offering a full range of nail, hair and make-up related services and offer complementary products.Funding target: $107,000 – 535,000 by 3/31/2019Regulation CF: Equity Minimum investment: $100…(Read More)

TeamTrak on StartEngine

Phoenixville, PA Adrenaline-Filled Indoor Cycling LeagueWe’re bringing the best elements of successful modern sports and business to track cycling. Our groundbreaking TeamTrak competition features World-Class male and female athletes in elbow-to-elbow racing unlike any other.Funding target: $10,000 – 107,000 by 12/26/2018Regulation CF: Equity Minimum investment: $200…(Read More)

10XTS on Wunderfund



Eaton, OH 10XTS: Blockchain Solutions for the Financial IndustryDistributed Ledger Technology for Early Stage Funding Capitals MarketsFunding target: $50,000 – 1,070,000 by 12/31/2018Regulation CF: Equity Minimum investment: $500…(Read More)

Magnus Rewards on StartEngine

Mount Washington, KY The Future of Local Advertising An App that pays consumers to view ads! Funding target: $10,000 – 107,000 by 11/26/2018 Regulation CF: Equity Minimum investment: $100…(Read More)

Involved on NetCapital



Allston, MA Changing How We Communicate with GovernmentOur civic engagement software empowers opinions by making it easy for government representatives, candidates, and advocacy organizations to ask people their opinion on current issues.Funding target: $10,000 – $1,000,025 by 11/11/2018Regulation CF: Equity Minimum investment: $99.45…(Read More)

Full Partner on StartEngine

Boulder, CO The All-In-One Total Web SystemVersion 7 of the Total Web System allows us to remove price as an obstacle for customers so they can give our Total Web System a try and see how powerful it is for their business.Funding target: $1,000 – 107,000 by 12/20/2018Regulation CF…(Read More)

SmileLove on SeedInvest



Holladay, UT Direct-to-consumer clear aligner treatment for straightening teeth.Smilelove offers clear aligner treatments direct-to-consumer: no expensive appointment, no waiting rooms, no inflated costs. Smilelove is bringing the benefits of straight teeth and a confident smile direct to individual consumers. Customers can enjoy the benefits of our product in the comfort…(Read More)

SeatAssignMate on SeedInvest

Brooklyn, NY Interactive email-based merchandising platform for perishable inventory A flight check-in app built into the traveler’s email, where passengers can assign their seats, check-in to their flights, and purchase airlines’ product service offerings with ease. Funding target: $25,000 – 70,000 by 12/7/2018 Regulation CF: Equity Minimum investment…(Read More)

xCraft on StartEngine

Coeur d Alene, ID Powerful Flying MachinesChanging the World and Saving Lives with Drone Technology With a polished business model, a new line of products, and an expanding market, we believe xCraft is set to create a lasting legacy in UAV technology and beyond. Last year’s record-breaking campaign on StartEngine allowed the company…(Read More)

MeetMeNow on StartEngine



Budd Lake, NJ App ends nightlife “approach anxiety”With internet dating, you finally set up a date only to find out the person is extremely different in person – older/heavier/photo filters have misled etc. – it’s dating false advertising! You have also wasted weeks corresponding with messages/texts/phone calls that resulted in a…(Read More)

Braidy Industries on NetCapital

Wilmington, DE Transforming the technology of materials science Braidy Industries is transforming the technology of materials science with revolutionary, new metals that are stronger than steel and lighter than stainless. Funding target: $10,000 – 1,070,000 by 11/19/2018 Regulation CF: Equity Minimum investment: $108…(Read More)

Sentigraph on StartEngine



Rahway, NJ Decisions Powered by Actionable Insights Sentigraph empowers people and companies to make better decisions through complex tone analysis that’s aided by machine learning. We’ll begin with Twitter hashtags, but we anticipate Sentigraph will also be available to perform nuanced analysis of complex emotional information as well. That might sound complicated, but…(Read More)

Conc-Steel Inc. on StartEngine

Palm Coast, FL Hurricane-Resistant Construction Systems In 2017, natural disasters cost the United States close to $306 billion in damages. From near record-breaking rainfall in California, to catastrophic hurricanes in Texas, to devastating wildfires (also California), to one of the worst natural disasters to impact Puerto Rico (which left thousands without power and…(Read More)

SHIFTMobility on StartEngine

Redwood City, CA Every Driven Mile on BlockchainAn Automotive Information and Transaction Hub on The Blockchain Capturing Connected Vehicle Data and Communicating Local Demand to Manufacturers, Distributors, Dealers, Repair Centers and Owners SHIFTMobility provides a seamless connection between manufacturers, distributors repair centers and connected cars on our network. Our platform sends and receives vehicle data…(Read More)

Xascale on StartEngine



Plainfield, IL YoowNeek – Cloud-based Website Builder Over one year of research and development has been poured into YoowNeek, and it is currently a working prototype capable of creating professional-looking websites using our advanced drag-and-drop website editor, which requires no development experience from the user. We need your help to fund the…(Read More)

Farr Hotels and Resorts on StartEngine

Lancaster, TX Eco-Friendly Hotels & Resorts Farr Hotels and Resorts is a hospitality startup that aims to transform economy hotels into 4-star luxury eco-friendly hotels and resorts. We are focused on disrupting the hotel and resort market by integrating eco-friendly hotels and resorts that reduce the hospitality industry’s carbon footprint…(Read More)