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Natural Shea Care on Kiva

Loveland, OH Manny: “This funding helps us purchase samples and floor displays to market our products.”LoanTarget: $9,500 by 2/14/20Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

Cafenated on Kiva



Berkeley, CA Mehrak & Parisa: “This funding helps us expand revenue sources and continue uninterrupted operations during winter months.”LoanTarget: $10,000 by 2/18/20Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

StreetWell on Crowdfund Mainstreet

Hagerstown, MD Restoring distressed human souls through the work of restoring distressed homesWe are a real estate company with a mission to revitalize America’s forgotten places. We will – Create beautiful, affordable housing in distressed communities. – Give ownership of income-producing property to community members and to workers restoring homes. – Provide jobs for individuals…(Read More)

Ms.K's Dance Academy on Kiva

Brooklyn, NY Kyaisha: “This funding helps Ms.K’s Dance Studio open their doors with Ballet Barre’s and Mirrors.”LoanTarget: $5,000 by 1/28/20Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

House Kombucha on Kiva

San Leandro, CA Rana: “This funding helps to build out our zero-waste cafe with more bulk food options for our cafe customers.”LoanTarget: $10,000 by 1/27/20Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

Skeptic Distillery

Melrose Park, IL Award-Winning Gin and Vodka. Unique Whiskeys, Cold-Distilled from Craft Beer.We use a unique distilling process to preserve the freshness and flavor of our ingredients.  We make award-winning spirits, distilled at natural temperatures, with no sugar or additives for the consumer who cares about how his/her…(Read More)

K-9 Divine

K-9 Divine


Newburg, MD Reputable Dog Ranch that offers doggie daycare, boarding and training while you’re away!We are a cage free dog boarding and daycare facility. Our mission is to provide a safe space for dogs to run free outdoors and live their best lives.Funding target: $50,000 – $400,000 by 2/29/2020Regulation…(Read More)

Wehrloom Honey & Meadery

Robbinsville, NC Honey Wine, Re-DiscoveredWe’re beekeepers, whose focus has shifted to making Mead. We maintain hundreds of hives of our own and support hundreds more through contract. We manufacture an entire line of skin care products. And last but certainly not least, we’re accomplished mead makers. Making delicious beverages from the honey…(Read More)

Tennessee Whiskey the Musical

New York, NY The Story of Dean Dillon- the Man Behind Country Music’s Greatest HitsWe produce commercial theater (Broadway, Off-Broadway, West End) and filmsFunding target: $50,000 – $300,000 by 3/21/2020Regulation Crowdfunding: Loan (Revenue Share)Minimum investment: $100…(Read More)

Nuestro Camino Film

Los Angeles, CA Immigrant Story About Fighting for a Better LifeOur company believes in the power of storytelling. We produce meaningful content that sends joyful messages to the world.Funding target: $60,000 – $106,000 by 3/21/2020Regulation Crowdfunding: Loan (Revenue Share)Minimum investment: $100…(Read More)

Film: What Are You Doing New Year's?

Los Angeles, CA A romantic comedy set at the same holiday house party over the course of 6 years.We’re a film production company, here to make funny, heartfelt entertainment everyone can enjoy, and will revisit year after year. Funding target: $60,000 – $250,000 by 4/4/2020Regulation Crowdfunding: Loan (Revenue…(Read More)

Shanti Elixirs

Asheville, NC Jun is a non-alcoholic sparkling green tea made with raw honey.We make Jun, sparkling drinks with green tea and raw honey that not only taste good but are good for you and the planet too! We have 7 standard flavors and rotating seasonal and collaboration flavors. Our drinks are non-alcoholic…(Read More)

See You Then Film

Los Angeles, CA Join the new film by SXSW and LA Film Festival Award WinnersSee You Then is a relationship study told through the lens of film with strong market appeal across multiple demographics and a producing team with a history of creating award-winning, innovative content.Funding target: $100,000 – $250,000…(Read More)

Ablyn Fashion on Kiva

Pittsburgh, PA Mamadou: “This funding helps an immigrant business owner to follow in the footsteps of his father, a clothing store owner in Bamako, Mali.”LoanTarget: $6,000 by 12/19/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

Saint George River Cafe on Kiva

Warren, ME Ann: “This funding helps the Saint George River Cafe expand retail sales during the winter; to keep staff employed, and the cafe warm and cooking during the coldest months in Maine.”LoanTarget: $10,000 by 12/24/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)