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Los Angeles, CA Nicole: “This funding helps purchase training materials, books, assessments, boost our marketing and advertising, and gain access to working capital for our certified woman owned small business.”LoanTarget: $6,000 by 03/10/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

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Long Beach, CA Katherine: “This funding helps to fund the expansion of our store by paying for new inventory and helping to upgrade our point of sale system.”LoanTarget: $10,000 by 03/11/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

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Marina Del Rey, CA Linh: “This funding helps to purchase silk and make products for the next collection.”LoanTarget: $7,000 by 03/11/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

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Sisters, OR Jordan: “This funding helps to purchase a product mold and get initial inventory for my coffee tools. These pitchers will go directly to all those in the coffee community that have already wanted to purchase them.”LoanTarget: $5,000 by 03/12/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

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Stevensville, MT Jessica: “This funding helps us purchase a walk behind tractor critical to cultivating our land and boosting production.”LoanTarget: $5,000 by 03/12/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

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Florence, MT Bess: “This funding helps fund the purchase of a greenhouse, irrigation system, and other farm implements to extend and fortify our flower growing operation in western Montana.”LoanTarget: $5,000 by 03/13/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

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Detroit, MI Nicole: “This funding helps us convert a 1960’s horse trailer into a mobile bar to better serve our existing clients and grow our private events.”LoanTarget: $10,000 by 03/14/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

Iron Ox Farm on Kiva

Topsfield, MA Stacey & Alex: “This funding helps my farm purchase equipment and build infrastructure that will increase efficiency and profitability.”LoanTarget: $10,000 by 03/12/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)




Chicago, IL NYC’s first self-pouring bar – join the fun!We’re a group of hospitality experts, collectively having run multiple restaurants over the years. We’re in the process of opening a new space in the busy neighborhood of Murray Hill in Manhattan. The concept is called Tapster and will be the first…(Read More)

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Emeryville, CA Rhonda: “This funding helps further assist in our business expansion by purchase much needed equipment, boosting advertising, and gain working capital.”LoanTarget: $10,000 by 02/20/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

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Rockville Centre, NY Brian: “This funding helps design new labels for our current 8oz bottle, increase product inventory, and help finance a new round of online promotional videos for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.”LoanTarget: $10,000 by 02/17/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

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Brooklyn, NY Rachel: “This funding helps my clothing business pay for new inventory and funds a digital ad campaign.”LoanTarget: $10,000 by 02/19/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

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Easton, MD Kathleen: “This funding helps fund the construction of a mobile washing, packing, and refrigeration unit on my small scale vegetable farm.”LoanTarget: $10,000 by 02/21/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

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Ella & Oak


Bend, OR E-Commerce Plus-Size Wedding DressesOver 68% percent of American women are plus-size yet it is estimated that there is only 1 dedicated plus-size apparel store for every 30 specialty apparel stores. To date, the fashion industry has largely ignored this under-served market, failing to dedicate resources to understand the…(Read More)

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Houston, TX Safe ride sharing in unsafe placesWe are a ride share platform that is 100% dedicated to providing business travelers going overseas a safe and secure ride. Getting into a car is the most dangerous activity that a business traveler will undertake and getting into car with a stranger is the number one source…(Read More)

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Dallas, TX New location of popular, long-standing Tex-Mex restaurant, Avila’s. Avila’s East will be opening in East Dallas. Funding: $150,000 by 3/12/2019 Loan, Revenue Sharing Minimum investment: $100…(Read More)