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Participant Assistive Products

San Francisco, CA Wheelchairs for kids across the world. A feel good investment offering 1.5 X on a loan.We make affordable assistive products, starting with a groundbreaking supportive wheelchair for children with Cerebral Palsy and similar conditions. Our product roadmap follows the World Health Organization’s list of 50 Priority Products that is…(Read More)




San Francisco, CA Gozu is an upscale restaurant featuring wagyu and a private a whisky lounge.Gozu is an upscale restaurant melding two styles of cuisine; kappo (chef prepared and served  food and beverages) and robata (meats, seafood and vegetables cooked over an open fire) We are located at 201 Spear Street in San…(Read More)

Pappys Cocktail and Gaming Parlor

Las Vegas, NV The first luxury bar and gaming parlor in the underserved Las Vegas suburbsPappys will be an almost  7,000 square foot Supper Club in the affluent Las Vegas suburb of Summerlin we will offer a Members Only Speakeasy for our customer base of high end gamers with a private bar…(Read More)

Silent as the Grave Movie

Mokena, IL A high-tension, thrilling mystery film that offers hope in the midst of tragedy.Silent as the Grave Movie, LLC’s sole purpose is to produce the feature film, “Silent as the Grave.”  A separate LLC from the production company is formed to protect its equity members and managers. We are…(Read More)

Diverse Dining on Kiva

Milwaukee, WI Emerald: “This funding helps me promote my business, and develop and launch my facilitators training.”LoanTarget: $8,000 by 10/26/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

Agora Cultural Architects on Kiva

Watertown, MA Elsa: “This funding helps To publish a current-event book on the citizen-led 2019 summer protests in Puerto Rico.”LoanTarget: $7,500 by 10/24/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

Downtown Formal & Bridal on Kiva

Morehead City, NC Amanda: “This funding helps keep my 2 wonderful staff members paid and pay our monthly bills so we can keep our doors open.”LoanTarget: $9,500 by 10/24/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

The BlackTeaBrownSuga Network on Kiva

Pittsburgh, PA Eszquire: “This funding helps create a FREE and SAFE Visual/Audio studio and live production space for the youth in Western PA to create art!”LoanTarget: $7,500 by 10/23/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

Timber Frame Farm on Kiva

Unity, ME Kari: “This funding helps our farm finish the build out of our commercial kitchen by adding much needed refrigerated storage space. The kitchen allows us to value add to our raw commodities, making a huge impact on the Farm’s profitability.”LoanTarget: $8,000 by 10/27/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

Simple Coffee Co. on Kiva

Tabernash, CO Olivia: “This funding helps get my sustainably-minded cafe (a dream years in the making) up and running through paying for initial remodel costs of our historic building and other licensing fees.”LoanTarget: $5,000 by 10/23/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

Debbies Cuisine Catering on Kiva

Baltimore, MD Deborah: “This funding helps hire two new employees and one HR consultant, invest in a security deposit and other expenses for our new location and pay security deposit for new equipment at the new location.”LoanTarget: $10,000 by 10/28/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

Revolution Rickshaws on Kiva

New York, NY Gregg: “This funding helps invest in state-of-the-art city containers, powder coat even more chassis, and hire PT fleet maintenance and sales professionals.”LoanTarget: $10,000 by 10/31/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

MenuBubble on Kiva

East Lansing, MI Rueben: “This funding helps kickstart our marketing by allowing us to hire the right professionals for the job.”LoanTarget: $10,000 by 10/31/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

Becca’s Farm on Kiva

Pahala, HI Matt: “This funding helps helps build a carport / outdoor kitchen to properly process produce and store equipment.”LoanTarget: $8,000 by 10/24/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

Ecogreen Development on Kiva

Lockport, NY Alma: “This funding helps pay for construction costs to install sidewalks in a low income community where folks walk in the street because there are no sidewalks in their neighborhood.”LoanTarget: $9,500 by 10/31/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

TechnoChic on Kiva

Jersey City, NY Natasha: “This funding helps continue building craft kits, workshops, and events that get kids making their own electronics projects!”LoanTarget: $10,000 by 11/3/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)