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Upcycle This! on Honeycomb

South Euclid, OH Local. Sustainable. Art.We want to build a community where sustainable, low-cost, low budget, accessible materials are available to anyone needs them. Along those same lines, we want to invest in our local and statewide economy, supporting local artisans and putting money back into the community. With $6 trillion per year…(Read More)

Green Mama LLC on Mainvest

Somerville, MA VEGETARIAN / VEGAN RESTAURANTGreen Mama LLC is seeking investment to flip a fully built-out Teele Square eatery into a vegetarian avocado quick-serve restaurant.Funding target: $75,000 – $107,000 by 7/23/2019Regulation CF: Loan (Revenue Share) Minimum investment: $100…(Read More)

In the Raw Test Kitchen & Juice Bar on Kiva

Hot Springs National Park, AR Marcella: “This funding helps set up a payroll buffer, finish our outdoor back dining patio, install an awning/sidewalk seating in the front of the building for curb appeal, buy inventory, and gain working capital for my business.”LoanTarget: $10,000 by 07/20/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

Regenesis Wellness Center on Kiva

Colorado Springs, CO Anna: “This funding helps us to expand our current services to provide an all-in-one stop for our clients. We have built an awesome reputation based on a health care model of comfort and personal care.”LoanTarget: $10,000 by 07/21/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

Mediterranean Fire on Kiva

West Bloomfield, MI Habibah: “This funding helps this repeat KIVA borrower to re launch branding and market place website and bring buyers and artists together through exhibitions and festivals in U.S. museums and theaters.”LoanTarget: $6,000 by 07/23/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

Ovee on Kiva



Brooklyn, NY Ovee: “This funding helps Ovee purchase products and materials for our subscription box service and boost marketing and customer outreach.”LoanTarget: $6,000 by 07/25/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

Fat Mermaids on Kiva

Chicago, IL Johnesse: “This funding helps us increase our advertising and marketing and purchase new printing equipment to release new fun, inspiring and sassy designs.”LoanTarget: $7,500 by 07/22/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

Las Recetas de Lucy on Kiva

New York, NY Monica: “This funding helps expand my production which will demand more workforce and a proper industrial kitchen, to supply the New York market.”LoanTarget: $6,000 by 07/28/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

Color Theory Design on Kiva

Vancouver, WA Alyssa: “This funding helps us secure a lease for a retail space and outfit it with equipment and inventory, thus enabling us to provide services outside of wedding and event floral design.”LoanTarget: $10,000 by 07/21/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

Icon Transportation on Kiva

Rochester, NY Kelly: “This funding helps purchase additional vehicles to expand a medical transport business.”LoanTarget: $5,000 by 07/30/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

Doggie Styl'n on Kiva

Richland Center, WI Leena: “This funding helps secure equipment and a premise to help a fresh out of college student realize her dream of owning and operating a dog grooming business.”LoanTarget: $5,000 by 07/30/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

Mbadugha African Arts Gallery on Kiva

Sacramento, CA Esther: “This funding helps me purchase all materials and equipment I need for the business, such as a laptop that will allow me to build my social media presence, and to pay for market research and advertising to attract customers.”LoanTarget: $8,000 by 07/28/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

Groce Family Farm on Kiva

English, IN Luke: “This funding helps our farm purchase a ventilation system for our chick brooder building, grain storage equipment, and more calves for our grass-fed beef operation.”LoanTarget: $10,000 by 07/21/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

Averyboo Arts on Kiva

Long Beach, CA Natalie: “This funding helps a female entrepreneur upgrade signage and expand her business by building an additional classroom space to accommodate more students.”LoanTarget: $7,500 by 07/27/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

Avec Tous Spice Company on Kiva

Baton Rouge, LA Christy: “This funding helps us purchase spice inventory to immediately fill orders with our retail partners, beginning with orders from Whole Foods and Rouses Market. We will also be able to do more marketing and cooking demos for retailers.”LoanTarget: $9,500 by 07/24/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)

Hakalau Studio on Kiva

Long Beach, CA Crystal: “This funding helps to purchase professional grade tools which will decrease production time allowing me to expand my business.”LoanTarget: $7,500 by 08/01/19Minimum investment: $25…(Read More)