YouSolar, Inc.


minimum investment: $250.00

Emeryville, CA

Power your life. Independently.™

YouSolar is the innovative clean-energy company that created the PowerBloc, a revolutionary solar+battery system for the home or business that delivers resilient and clean power for a modern world. The highly efficient PowerBloc, has ample power to run an entire house or business, including high-demand appliances such as air conditioners. The PowerBloc™ uses a patented modular power architecture that allows seamless integration of solar, utility and even generator power. Its proprietary power electronics are super-lightweight and compact. The patented stackable, plug-and-play cabinet allows for easy shipment and one-person installation. The PowerBloc aims to democratize power and deliver an impactful technology to fight climate change.

Funding target: $10,000 – $1,070,000 by 8/13/2020

Regulation CF: Equity (Common Stock)

Minimum investment: $250

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