Water Markets


minimum investment: $101.00

San Antonio, TX

Analytics technology solutions for water

Water Markets LLC is dedicated to applying blockchain technology to solve problems in the water sector. Blockchain will bring accountability to natural resource management.

We believe the answer to the most prevalent water problems, such as extreme flooding, scarcity, and contamination, is water data on the blockchain. Don’t just take our word for it, check out what the World Economic Forum says. “[B]lockchain tech could positively impact: climate change, biodiversity and conservation, oceans, water security, clean air, weather and disaster resilience. The report argues that such opportunities are being largely ignored by developers, investors and governments, yet they represent an opportunity to “unlock and monetize value that is currently embedded in environmental systems.”

Our unique value proposition is the standardization of data into what we believe to be a first-of-a-kind ledger to account for water, transcending political boundaries. Water Markets LLC connects water data from across the United States. We’ve assembled property records and supply chain transaction data into a single data model that transcends political boundaries.

Funding target: $10,000 – $107,000 by 8/7/2019

Regulation CF: Equity (LLC Units)

Minimum investment: $101