minimum investment: $100.00

New York, NY

The world’s first vegan fashion label

We create 100% vegan, high-tech outerwear that’s warm enough for a Chicago winter and more beautiful than wearing animals. Our coats are also made of recycled and organic fibers wherever possible, and cut and sewn in America. I hope that one day, with your help, the world will look at wearing animals as a thing of the past.

Funding target: $250,000 – $1,000,000 by 12/11/2017

Regulation Crowdfunding: Equity (Convertible Note)

Minimum investment: $100

  • $858,293 in 2016 sales
  • Featured on CNN as “breaking runway history, the rebel of Fashion Week, the next Stella McCartney” as the first all vegan fashion house at NYFW.
  • Conde Nast chose Leanne as the Female Gamechanger for their Mazda6 Campaign, opposite Bre Pettis, who invented 3D Printing. “Hilgart is a GameChanger- embodying courage, creativity, and conviction” – Conde Nast
  • Boot-strapped from 2008-2015 with a 55% gross margin, growth from $68K 2009 to $703K in 2014.

With your help, wearing animals will be a thing of the past. We would like to 1) prove that using animals for clothing fibers is outdated, unnecessary and unsustainable, and 2) create and scale animal-free textiles to replace all animal textiles in the fashion industry. For every 3 winter dress coats we sell, a sheep will be spared the suffering of factory farming for a year, & for every snow coat we sell, 3-4 geese won’t be live plucked. We want to help a million animals by 2025.