Valorous Media


minimum investment: $250.00

Glendale, CA

Digital TV Subscription Service

Valorous Media presents Valorous TV, an exciting, all-new digital TV subscription service focused on bold and brave films, stories, and reports of courage and uncommon valor. Good programs featuring good people doing great things. Our programming features great adventures and lessons from the Revolutionary War all the way up through to the Civil War, the great World Wars, and more recent wars and conflicts. Our mission is to tell the countless tales of individual sacrifice and bravery that are often left out of other popular streaming services.

Traditional cable and satellite TV is dying every day. Digital streaming services (“SVODs”) such as Valorous TV are the future of television. We now have an opportunity to create good television with positive messages about real heroes and things that matter. Military conflicts and wars create many heroes and great stories of struggle and triumph, but our focus is much broader. Indeed, everyday acts of bravery, struggle, and courage under hardship are just as vital to our core values as military conquests. We think it is imperative to share the stories of those in law enforcement, emergency responders, medical personnel, firefighters, and just plain ordinary citizens who are also part of the fabric and community of Valorous TV. We also put an emphasis on our passion for educational television; we might surprise you with things you never knew. We might even make you laugh with some of our great comedy classics and stories (yes, heroes can laugh too).

Although Valorous TV is a new TV streaming service, it is born out of a long legacy of experience in the entertainment business. Valorous TV is majority owned and launched by C3 Entertainment, Inc, a company founded 60 years ago with a solid track record in the television and film business. The President and CEO of Valorous, Earl Benjamin, has also been the President and CEO of C3 Entertainment for the last 20 years. Mr. Benjamin leads a team of seasoned professionals that built Valorous TV.

Funding target: $10,000 – $900,000 by 3/5/2019

Regulation CF: Equity

Minimum investment: $250