The Flame Barbeque


minimum investment: $100.00

Pittsburgh, PA

Catering company and barbeque restaurant.

The Flame BBQ is a catering company and barbeque restaurant I, Lou Kampi, started in Shaler, PA. It came about because when I looked around at our city here, we have diners, pubs, sandwiches, sushi and more, but no barbeque. I wanted to fix that and have been making barbeque for the city ever since!

As we continue to grow, The Flame BBQ has recently moved its restaurant and kitchen to a new location that will more effectively suit our needs. Particularly, the new location is in a higher traffic area, has a larger dining space, better parking, and a drive thru! This offering is to furnish our new location and hopefully buy a delivery truck to grow our business even more.

Funding target: $20,000 – $50,000 by 5/31/2019

Regulation CF: Loan

Minimum investment: $100

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