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Recycle Everything With TerraCycle

At TerraCycle we’ve cracked the code. We profitably recycle what most consider to be “unrecyclable.” Today, not someday in the future, pretty much everything we once considered non-recyclable waste can be collected and transformed into raw materials for the creation of new products.
Developing complete solutions is our business model. Our solutions have been mastered profitably client after client and “unrecyclable” waste stream after waste stream – a combination of processes, that, to our knowledge, no other firm in the US has the range of business services to offer!

Present us with a challenge, and we develop the solution.
Operating in 20 countries, our parent company is a world leader in the collection and recycling of waste streams that are traditionally considered not recycled.

Funding target: $25,000,000 by 1/10/2019

Regulation A: Equity

Minimum investment: $700

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Operating in 20 countries, our parent company is a world leader in the collection and recycling of waste streams that are traditionally considered not recycled. Even though we were only formed in August 2017, our wholly owned subsidiary, TerraCycle US, LLC has been operating in the United States since January 1, 2014. At that time, our now wholly owned subsidiary assumed all income and expenses associated with our parent company’s U.S. operations. We conduct our business exclusively through our operating subsidiary, which generated revenues in each fiscal year since its inception.  

Our company’s mission is to eliminate waste in the context of a profitable business. To do this we first focus on hard to recycle waste streams, and typically set up national collection platforms for them. This platform is typically funded by consumer product companies, retailers, cities, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, small businesses and individuals. The collected waste is principally recycled and sold to manufacturers that make new products and materials. Where possible, we and our parent focus on how to integrate hard to recycle materials into specific products, from creating pen products made from used pens to shampoo bottles made 25% from plastic collected from beaches.  

Over the past 12+ years of operation, our parent company and we have achieved profitability in this neglected area of recycling. The reason why most waste streams are not recycled-and are instead sent to landfill or are incinerated-is because the cost to collect and process them far outweighs the value generated from the recovered material. In order to achieve our mission, we have created an array of new business models that generate value well beyond the material value of the waste that is collected, allowing us to recycle everything from cigarette butts to chip bags and candy wrappers. Our business is generating net income and growing.


For the first time in years, TerraCycle US Inc is accepting new investors. By investing, you will be a proud owner of a firm that’s revolutionizing recycling. We are changing perspectives, encouraging giant corporations to profitably reimagine their supply chain and customer experience. As an intentional by-product, our clients are helping to save the environment.