Solutions Vending International


minimum investment: $252.00

Columbus, OH

High-IQ Vending and Kiosk Technology

PopCom is an automated retail technology company that has built a SaaS & IoT platform for vending machines and kiosks that provides deep consumer insights and engagement for machine operators. The company is seeking investment to help solidify its strong position in the industry as well as fund new development of new blockchain-enabled software that will enable consumers to securely buy government-regulated products (e.g. pharmaceuticals, cannabis, alcohol) from vending machines and ensure retailers stay complaint.

Self-service and automation are the future of retail. But right now, it’s a future without data. We’re changing that. We’re redefining omnichannel strategy for worldwide brands– from Fortune 500 companies to nimble e-commerce entrepreneurs, providing a completely new direct-to-consumer channel backed by unparalleled data and frictionless transactions.

Funding target: $10,000 – $943,000 by 3/20/2019

Regulation CF: Equity (Tokens)

Minimum investment: $252