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minimum investment: $50.00

Honolulu, HI

Big data for small farms

The Small-to-Medium Scale Farmer’s “Perfect Storm”: Environment + Regulations + Time & Money
Climate patterns are becoming more erratic and excessive
These farmers can’t rely on anecdotal resources like the Old Farmer’s Almanac anymore. Extreme frost’s impact on an apple orchard wipes out five years of tending and nurturing. Both droughts and floods can place the small farmer in the same predicament of having to start over.

Time and Money. Money and Time
Regulations that are formed to support and protect the small farmer pose an overwhelming challenge – any time needed to learn and practice takes away from the farmer’s dusk-to-dawn responsibilities. Certifications such as GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) will directly impact their customers (restaurants, distributors), who will shoulder the accountability for their customers.

Smart Yields leverages data from credible and timely resources plus original data from the farmer’s soil, topography and microclimates. This gives small to medium scale farms access to contextual and relevant insights.
Smart Yields believes very strongly that the user experience for the farmer is key to everyone’s success. It is our goal to ensure ease of use, from on-boarding to implementing to receiving alerts.

Funding target: $25,000 – $107,000 by 4/30/2019

Regulation CF: Equity (Future)

Minimum investment: $50

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