minimum investment: $250.00

Carmel By The Sea, CA

Cutting-edge learning/teaching technology and educational materials

To revolutionize something is to make it unimaginably better, and that is one of the Showdeo missions, to introduce cutting-edge learning/teaching technology and educational materials with 3 primary focuses:
– An interactive material publishing and reading platform that elevates materials far beyond what’s possible with traditional alternatives;
– A content exchange that allows for open source-like course material creation and distribution where independent authors and publishers set the price and can sell or license all or part(s) of their materials to others; and,
– Private-labeled micro-stores where teachers, departments or schools get to publish their own and/or retail others’ books and course materials.

Funding target: $15,000 – $318,000 by 10/15/2019

Regulation Crowdfunding: Loan (Reveue Share)

Minimum investment: $250