Shelly’s Farm


minimum investment: $25.00

Brentwood, CA

Nutritious and Delicious Pasture-Raised Eggs

Shelly's Farm raises laying hens on pasture in Brentwood, CA. Raising hens on pasture allows the birds to roam and perform their natural behaviors-pecking and scratching for bugs and seeds, and taking dirt baths. Hens are given fresh water, nesting boxes and perches, and then rotate to new areas of pasture regularly so they always have access to fresh grass. We raise our birds on pasture not only because it makes “the girls” happy, but because pasture-raised eggs are tastier and healthier. Our eggs have a rich flavor and dark yolks with beautiful shells of brown, blue or green.

We believe strongly that the animals that provide us with food should be treated well and with respect, that is why we decided to become Animal Welfare Approved (AWA). AWA certification shows we have the highest standards so our customers can see we do what we say we do.

: Pre-Pay

Minimum investment: $25

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