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minimum investment: $99.00

Kansas City, MO

Improved care for employees, reduced costs for employers

SaRA helps improve care for employees and reduce costs for employers, especially for workplace injuries, by reducing recovery times for injured employees.

When recovering from workplace injuries, patients are not given the tools they need to succeed in their recovery process, providers aren’t able to give the most effective care, and employers aren’t able to help their employees receive the best treatment possible. Most patients today do not do the home exercises their surgeon or PT gives them because they lack an effective tool to follow the recommended recovery programs at home. This leads to longer recovery times, which costs employers money and keep workers out of the workforce.

SaRA Solution
SaRA is the Simplifying Recovery Assistant. SaRA can be used for any injury recovery process that uses home exercise recovery plans. We are focusing first and foremost on workers’ compensation because of the direct value and return on investment that can be shown by implementing SaRA. As we move forward, we plan to introduce SaRA to the 15-25 million PT patients in the US, then to the 120 million people who experience musculoskeletal pain on an annual basis in the US alone.

Funding target: $10,000 – $987,000 by 12/11/2018

Regulation CF: Equity

Minimum investment: $99

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