SanMelix Laboratories


minimum investment: $250.00

Hollywood, FL

Helping You Heal with Honey

Using the natural healing properties of Buckwheat honey, combined with our advanced bioactive enhancements, SanMelix has created a product that aids in the healing of acute, chronic and minor wounds. With pending patents, co-created by a renowned Harvard trained podiatric physician, SanMelix’s advanced bioactive wound care products can be used in a host of settings and situations. We have created over-the-counter (OTC) skin care products such as ointments and creams designed to help in the healing of minor burns, scrapes, radiodermatitis and more. Our products will also be used for advanced wound care healing in hospitals and rehabilitation centers, by physicians through the use of dressings and ointments.

We have a talented and world-renowned physician group who puts patient care first. Our goal is to improve the lives of patients and help speed up the healing process using the natural therapeutic properties that already exist in honey. Honey has been used in medicine since 8000 BC because of its unique healing properties and with our team of doctors and scientists, we have enhanced it through the use of broad-spectrum antimicrobials. Dr. Sabacinski developed the BEECure dressings to help prevent the dangerous side effects and adverse drug interactions that often arise with the use of predominantly synthetic pharmaceuticals.

Funding target: $10,000 – $107,000 by 9/17/2019

Regulation CF: Equity (Common Stock)

Minimum investment: $250

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